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Google Classroom

No description

Michelle Cronin

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of Google Classroom

Google Classroom
By Michelle Cronin



Please log in to Google Chrome.

If you can't log in to Chrome you will need to change your password and try again. (Ctrl, Alt, Delete and choose change password - you can just type your same password 3 times)

Google Classroom is listed as an app or you can go to

Using Flubaroo to grade your forms
For now forms must be added as a link
Creating a Google Form for a Quiz
John Swanson
Downloading grades
Student Announcements (Chat):
Creating a Class:
Deleting a Class
Saving your created assignments
Select + and Create a Class!

Select "Teacher" at the bottom center of the screen.
For more information about Google Classroom...
Follow Alice Keeler on Twitter
her blog!
http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/ ,
and soon her new book!
Become a Google Certified Teacher (or just get training)
Follow Jennifer Holland, Program Manager for Google Classroom on Twitter
Zack Yeskel
Jonathan Rochelle
Thank you!

Because teaching and keeping track of the assignments of 700 students is like herding cats! Multiple classes. Absences/vacations. Work from anywhere (even your phone). Differentiated instruction (flipped learning) work at their own pace re-watch directions (I don't re-give directions). KNOW the work is done. Immediate feedback. No lost (or sticky - ewwww) papers.
Presentation apps:
This video has the side by side screen with the apps Split and Glue
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