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Writing and Citing

No description

Andrea Tonelli

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Writing and Citing

Writing and Citing
Weekly Assignment:
Three Simple Steps:
1. Read the Article
- annotations are not required, but are recommended.

2. Summarize the Article
In your own words, explain the main points of the article. Answer the question: what does the author want his/ her readers to know?

3. Answer the Response Question

- make sure to cite the article at least once to support your opinion. Keep in mind, since you have an in-text citation you will need a works cited page as well.
Week One Article
Week Three Article
Weidmann 2016
Each week, you will read an article of Mrs. Weidmann's choosing.
Once you have finished reading the article, you will write a summary over what you read.
On Thursday, you will then receive a response question centered around the theme of the article. For homework, you will answer the response question for the article and directly CITE the article at least once to support your opinion.
What is your opinion about the United States having the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world? What must be done to lower the teen pregnancy rate?
Whose responsibility is it to make sure people, especially teens, are using the internet safely and effectively?
In a world of constantly evolving technologies and digital medias, what can students do to ensure their emotional safety online?

What steps can you take to cope with or overcome cyberbullying?
How can hard work and perseverance help create opportunities in your life or the lives of others?
For this week, it is UP TO YOU to find an article that supports your answer to the essential question.

Make sure to find an article from a reputable source and provide a works cited as well.
Week Seven Essential Question:
How can our nation best provide security for citizens without violating individual human rights?
Response Question Week One

Whose responsibility is it to ensure the well-being of all children?
Week Two Article
Response Question
Week Two
Is diversity in the classroom and school a necessity for all students?
Jan. 5th 2016
Jan. 11th 2016
Feb. 1st 2016
In a culture where we are constantly bombarded by images of "what we should look like", how does one form an identity that is true to themselves?
Response Question
Week Three
Week Four Article
Jan. 25th 2016
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