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SAGE Book Report for Orphan of the Sun

No description

Kendra Feagans

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of SAGE Book Report for Orphan of the Sun

Orphan of the Sun
By: Gill Harvey About Orphan of the Sun For my book report, I read "Orphan of the Sun" by Gill Harvey. It is a book about a thirteen-year-old girl named Meryt-Re who lives in a village in ancient Egypt called Set Maat. Since her parents are dead, she lives with her aunt and uncle, Tia and Senmut, Nauna (Senmut's mother), and her three cousins, Baki, Mose, and Henut. She also has two friends, Dedi and Kenna. A Proposal At the beginning of the story, a stone cutter named Ramose asks to marry Meryt, and Senmut wants her to accept just to get rid of her, since he dislikes her. Meryt does not want to marry against her own will and tries to avoid Ramose. Later, she is sitting in her favorite place that over looks the Nile River and spots Nofret the servant girl acting suspiciously. Stolen Amulet Then, a couple of days later, Meryt runs into Nofret again. This time, Nofret drops something, and Meryt is shocked to see that it is an amulet - a very special one that belongs in the king's tomb. It is a priceless udjat eye, the symbol of the god Horus who fought and defeated his brother, Seth, and is made of pure gold and inlaid with lapis lazuli and glass. Nofret must have stolen it. Meryt warns her that she is risking making the gods very angry, but Nofret just runs away. Arguments Meryt doesn't know what to do about Nofret, and assumes she must be working for her master, Userkaf. Meryt goes back home and hears Nauna and Tia arguing about her, and realizes Nauna wants her gone as much as Senmut. Then, she finds out people are arguing about Dedi's father, Nebnufer, who is a foreman, working his men too hard in the tombs. The kenbet (the village council) has come for a meeting about it. A Short Council Meeting Meryt watches the meeting with Dedi, who is very nervous for her father. Userkaf is one of the men on Nebnufer's gang, and seems to be the reason for the meeting. He talks about how Nebnufer pushes them too hard and makes them work harder than Sennedjem, the other foreman's gang. Nebnufer explains how nothing has changed in the past eleven years and stays calm. In the end, he is not found guilty. Dedi is very relieved by this. More Problems Then, since he is old enough, it is time for Baki to have his ritual. He comes home in lots of pain. On top of that, Userkaf tries once again to make Nebnufer look bad by consulting the oracle, who come to Set Maat carrying the statue of Amenhotep. He only loses again, though, and Nebnufer is not guilty. Also, Meryt runs into Teti, the rekhet (the Knowing One) and crashes into her basket of plants. Meryt feels bad and promises to help Teti collect more in two days. Soon, Baki falls so ill that Senmut has to come home from work and Tia thinks that Peshedu, her brother and Meryt's father, is angry and caused Baki to be sick, so she gives offerings to his tomb. For some reason, Senmut gets very angry at Meryt for taking care of Baki while Tia is gone. Meryt goes back home, and sees Senmut. He yells at her, saying that she brought the curse of Sekhmet, the goddess of war, destruction, and disease, to their home. He believes that she caused Baki to be ill, and bans her from ever returning to the house again. Now,
Meryt feels lost and homeless. She goes to her friend,
Dedi's house and gets to stay there. Meryt is very
grateful, but then she realizes she must go back to
Teti's house. Teti welcomes her and they talk about
Baki this time, and how to heal him. She gives Meryt a
linen charm to place under Baki's head, but when she tries Senmut only spits and tramples on it and tells her to go away. Discouraged, Meryt goes back to Dedi's house to sleep. The next day, she helps Dedi with chores, and that night, there is a party at Dedi's house. Nofret had said a painter named Kha had forced her to steal the amulet, but Meryt meets Kha at the party and he is very nice and gentle. The Dream Book Meryt keeps her promise and helps Teti collect plants, and sees that Teti is gentle and likes her. Then, Meryt tells her about how she had a dream about Baki being bit by a dog, and how Baki has fallen sick. Teti tells her to come back later ahd she could help, so Meryt does. Meryt tells her about everything, and Teti explains that Meryt must have a gift - she is a dreamer. She shows Meryt "The Dream Book," which tells about dreams and what they mean. But Meryt only grows frightened and runs away from Teti's home. A Cure for Baki That Fails The night after the party, Meryt dreams that an amulet is melting on the ground, and Kha is standing with an old, broken paintbrush, and is poor. Meryt wakes up and realizes Kha must be innocent - he has nothing. Then, she goes back to Teti's house but can't find the courage to tell Teti that she failed to deliver the charm. Teti gives her some balm for Baki's wound and says she must hurry because Baki's life is close to an end. Then, Meryt has an idea. She asks Kenna to bring Mose to her and she gives Mose the charm and balm to give to Tia, since Tia trusts Meryt. Then, Meryt talks to Nofret again but can't get any information out of her, and when she goes back through the village everyone is crowded around. A guard says that Nebnufer has been taken to jail for stealing. Then, Meryt runs into Tia. Tia is happy to see her and they go to Peshedu's tomb together. But then, Tia tells Meryt that it is her fault Peshedu is dead. She says that Peshedu was really sick, so the priests of Ptah gave her a spell to repeat seven times every day to cure him. But one day, Tia grew careless and forgot about Peshedu. When she got home, he was dead. Meryt becomes very angry at Tia and tells her to go away. She curls into a ball and cries until Tia is gone. Later, she sadly goes back to Dedi's house but Dedi and her mother have left for a while to mourn about Nebnufer being arrested. Peshedu's Death Meryt goes to Teti's house again and tells her everything. Teti feels sorry for her, but says Meryt's heart is big enough to forgive Tia. Meryt had thought that Tia didn't really love her after hearing the story about Peshedu, and that Tia just pretended so she could please Peshedu. But now, she realizes that Tia really does love her. She asks Kenna to bring Mose to her again and she gives Mose her scarab beetle
amulet that she wears around her neck so he can give it to
Tia. Then, she goes to Teti and they look in "The Dream
Book" again. Meryt tells Teti about Kha in her dream, and
she says it means he is pardoned by the gods. Then, Teti
gives Meryt a new amulet shaped like a little dwarf-like
child. She leaves Teti's house and goes to talk to Kha, hoping that her words are enough so that he'll be on her side and not Userkaf's. Then, she runs into Ramose and finds out he doesn't really like her. He only proposed in honor of her father because he said his mother, Heria, and him had known Peshedu. Meryt is very angry at first, and then shocked and confused, but Ramose walks away as soon as he is done talking. Forgiveness When Meryt returns to Teti's house, Mose is there. Teti says he has come so take her home. Meryt is unsure, but she goes with him and when she gets to Senmut and Tia's house, Tia is there with the
scarab beetle amulet around her neck. Senmut doesn't
really speak to her much, but he allows her to live in
their house again. Baki is getting better very fast. Then,
Meryt goes to talk to Nofret. Nofret says that Userkaf has
promised her freedom if she stole the amulets. But Meryt
explains to her that Userkaf will not keep his promise,
and tries to persuade Nofret to do the right thing. When Meryt returns home, she is surprised to see Heria talking to Tia. Tia brings Meryt into the conversation. Heria explains that Peshedu was always seeking company after Meryt's mother, Simut, died, so she spent time with him. She would have married him if he hadn't fallen sick, and she didn't have time to take care of him when he got sick because she was taking care of Ramose. So, since Heria could not marry Peshedu, she had wanted Ramose to marry Meryt. Now, Meryt understands a lot of things. Two weeks later, Dedi comes back home with her mother. The vizier comes to Set Maat for a trial about Nebnufer. Kenna and Meryt go together. Two guards bring out a bag full of new copper tools used in the Great Place that they found in Nebnufer's home, and once again, Userkaf tells about how Nebnufer pushes them too hard and makes them use old, worn tools
until there's no life in them. Many other
people speak in favor of Userkaf. Then,
Kha comes and says that he has stolen
the bag of tools, not Nebnufer. He says
he placed them in Nebnufer's house while Userkaf caused a distraction, and he is begging for forgiveness from the gods. Then, Nofret comes up and says she was promised freedom from Userkaf, so she stole priceless amulets from the embalmers' workshops. Tears streak down her face as she says she doesn't care what anyone does to her because she has already suffered enough. Innocent or Guilty Then, the vizier decides that Nebnufer has done nothing wrong. His men are expected to be pushed hard. But Userkaf is greedy and ambitious, and stealing things like
priceless amulets is a crime. Userkaf is to be taken
out in the desert and impaled on a stake. All of his
followers are to have their ears cut off so they
won't listen to people like Userkaf. The vizier has
to think about Kha, and Meryt is shocked when he
decides to give Kha a punishment - one hundred
lashes. Meryt is glad he will still live, though. Then,
the vizier says any villager can take Nofret and do
what they want with her. Luckily, Nebnufer takes her and says he'll treat her well. Meryt's plan to get Kha and Nofret to help Nebnufer has worked. There is a happy ending, and everything continues as normal. Meryt tells Kenna about how she is not getting married, and he says he's glad because she can still go to the market with him like they always do. Nebnufer's Victory My Review I liked the book "Orphan of the Sun" by Gill Harvey because it is full of excitement and unexpected things. It did not drag on and on, and I liked reading it. The author described it enough so that I could picture Set Maat and all of the characters who lived there. I felt sorry for Meryt when her life got hard, and was happy for her when things went right. I almost felt like the book was real. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in ancient Egypt and likes adventure. It was a really good book that I had fun reading and could read it over and over again. Meryt's Vision Returning Home THE END
By: Mattie Peter
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