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Chateau d' Usse

No description

Halley Strevell

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Chateau d' Usse

Chateau d' Usse Influenced by the Renaissance The Chapel Located Opening Hours Visit the Chateau d' Usse Costume Exposition Structure Bueil Family Sleeping Beauty This castle was said that it was what inspired Charles Perrault's Sleeping Beauty. Originally constructed in the 15th century as a fortress with complex steeples, turrets, towers, and dormers. -Located in Loire Valley at edge of the forest Chinon.
- The castle of Chateau d' Usse was built for the Bueil Family in the second half of the 15th century. You can visit the Costume Exposition which changes every season. It is placed in various rooms of the Chateau Feb 14. & March 31: 10 am - 6pm
April 1st to August 31st: 10am- 7pm
Sept. 1st to November 11th: 10am-6pm Hidden away in the Gardens "Known as the castle of dreams" Most popular chateaux with children & families due to its tie to "Sleeping Beauty". The Castle of Usse was built for the Bueil family in the second half of the 15th Century. Contact Info:
Address Rigny- Usse', 37420
Phone number; 02-41-95-54-05
Cost (eur) 14
Website: www.chateaudusse.fr Bibliography;



http://period8mayer.tripod.com/Usse.html Bibliography:



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