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The Tobacco Industry

No description

Abe Scher

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of The Tobacco Industry

A closer look... The Tobacco Industry Trust Us, We're The Tobacco Industry Who are they? A Brief Look Through Time Tobacco Advertisements Let's take a quiz... http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/rm-quiz-history-cigarettes Tobacco Labels http://www.yourhealth.gov.au/internet/yourhealth/publishing.nsf/Content/tobacco-label-images#.UJd1vfX4L78 1953 Correlation found between smoking and lung cancer, first big scare to the tobacco companies

December 15th: Executives of the top cigarette companies gathered to respond to the scare. These industry officials created the tobacco industry research committee. Two weeks later, the "tobacco giants" took out large newspaper ads in hundreds of newspapers, announcing the new research. 1960 Formation of the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health. Scientific evidence suggesting “cigarette smoking is causally related to lung cancer in men.” It noted that an average smoker is 9 to 10 times more likely to get lung cancer than the average nonsmoker and cited specific carcinogens in cigarette smoke. 1960-present: Tobacco companies have been on the run Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act requiring the surgeon general's warnings on all cigarette packaging. 1965 1971 All broadcast advertising banned The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act from the FDA. Master Settlement Agreement with 46 state attorney generals. President Clinton announced FDA plans to regulate tobacco sales and advertising aimed at minors. Smoking banned on all interstate buses and domestic airline flights lasting 6 hours. 1998 1995 1990 2009 June 2009: FDA has the authority to regulate the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of tobacco products. FDA bans flavored cigarettes. Lorillard (1979) RJ Reynolds (1975) Selected Documents from the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu Marketing to Youth Philip Morris (1981) RJ Reynolds (1973) RJ Reynolds (1984 est.) RJ Reynolds (1984) Brown & Williamson (1972) Tobacco Institute (1989) Philip Morris R.J. Reynolds Lorillard British American Tobacco As long ago as 1969, a Philip Morris executive stated that they had "taken a great many steps to avoid advertising directed to young people." Yet 10 years later, they supplied their products to be featured in The Muppet Movie. In 1997, an R.J. Reynolds executive said, under oath, that cigarettes are only addictive like gummy bears can be addictive. Lorillard Tobacco actually went to court spearheading a fight for the right to keep tobacco advertising near high schools. They won. Congrats, Big Tobacco! BATs official view on nicotine, stated in 1987: "It is a unique drug and provides the user with immediate help, which no other drug can. It is not associated with any adverse ill effects... It is a 'coping' aid needed by a proportion of the population" Big Tobacco Road Now that you know... Do you feel that you've been targeted by Big Tobacco?

What sort of improvement/setbacks have there been over time?

Where should we go from here?
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