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Christine Lamont

No description

Christine Lamont

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Christine Lamont

Where to find
more information

& Inclusion

Christine Lamont

Digital Learning
Teaching Team
Produce clear communications and engagement channels which are appropriate / sufficient / fit for purpose and accessible to all stakeholders
Identify exemplars and examples of practice where outcomes for learners have been improved and share these appropriately
Primary School Teacher
Digital technology enthusiast
an expert
Identifying Exemplars
Terms of Reference
iPad project, funded by Children’s Aid Scotland along with other fundraising activities.
bought a large number of ipads & specialised apps
develop their skills in areas such as communication,literacy and language, visual and auditory processing, and fine motor skills.
daily schedule planner - clearly structure a day or a lesson, a book writing app which can be fully personalised.
the immediacy and personal nature of this technology is proving to be highly engaging with learners.
Don't have to be sat at desk to use them.
Websites & apps
Other Digital Technologies



Glow - PLC
Use evidence from research, conversations, events with stakeholders to underpin the actions of the DLC to affect change
Evaluate the impact of the DLC though analysing evidence that shows its actions are leading to improved outcomes for all learners
Membership includes representatives from a large number of national organisations including Young Scot, School Leaders Scotland, Call Scotland, National Parent Forum, and professional associations
Established in 2014
East Park School

A website that offers accessible tools, games and activities to engage pupils and help them access the curriculum
Chooseit! Maker 3 enables users to turn picture, sound and text files into cause and effect activities - Aberdeen City found this useful to engage pupils with learning difficulties.
An auditory and visual online course for nursery children to support access to the curriculm before moving on to primary
Glow Tools
Glow tools can be used to support learners in many ways - collaboration, flipped learning.
toontastic, book creator, comic book
Apps on tablets to support story writing for children who struggle with creative writing
imovie, movie maker
Alternative ways for children to record their work
Eyegaze technology
Creates a tool for users without mobility to communicate, send emails, browse the internet, play games

Sound beam
Enables movement to be turned into sound

Dragon Dictate
Speech recognition software

Lego wedo
'Reluctant learners'
What does Digital Inclusion mean and how do we do it?
Inclusion, Count Us In, HMIE (2002)

taking action to remove barriers to participation and learning for all learners.
creating an ethos of achievement for all pupils within a climate of high expectation
valuing a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements
promoting success and self-esteem by taking action to remove barriers to learning
Provide opportunities for a range of stakeholders through DLC events to agree actions to embed, sustain and maintain the relevance of digital learning
Inclusion and Equity

In June and July this year, the DLC sponsored events exploring the theme of Inclusion and Equity. These were held across the country in various locations.
equitable access to high speed broadband, technology and digital resources in and outside of school for all learners
interactive learning materials that are personalised to individual needs
technologies that ensure all learners can interact to a greater extent with their peers, improving social skills and enhancing acceptance
the use of assistive technologies that support specialised learning needs
technologies, such as mobile devices, that give learners more control over their own learning
technologies that ensure all learners can fully participate in classroom activities and complete assignments independently
Stakeholder Events
Evidence from Research
Communication & Engagement
Review on the Impact of Digital Technology on Learning and Teaching
More effective use of digital teaching to raise attainment happens when teachers are able to identify how digital tools and resources can be used to achieve learning outcomes, as well as having knowledge and understanding of the technology. This applies in all schools.
There is promising evidence that digital equipment and resources can help ASN Children to improve their skills and competences in literacy and numeracy.
What does digital inclusion mean?
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