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Golden Eagle Conservation

This prezi describes the basic qualities of the Southern Californian Golden eagle, and what can be done by experts (and you) to help preserve its habitat. Please make sure to leave a comment on what I can do to make it better. Thanks!

Diego Student

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Golden Eagle Conservation

Habitat and Scientific Classification
Why are they scarce?
Many of the places that Golden Eagles would usually occupate have been torn down to construct buildings and other commercial properties. The loss of habitat has more or less driven the eagles away from the Southern California area.
What can I do to help?
As always, litter and debris left by humans can harm a species. But, loss of habitat is the main reason for extinction in any species. Make sure to pick up after your self, and consider the land that is in use and whether or not building on it will effect any other animals.
Did You Know?
What is being done?
Special Golden Eagle conservation areas are being established in San Diego as well as California to keep the golden eagle with a nice habitat to live in. Though they are few in numbers, the golden eagle is well protected. Due to its limited population, it is illegal to hunt, sell, keep feathers, or own a Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle
The Golden Eagle is the most widely spread eagle in the United States. It is not necessarily endangered of becoming extinct, but its kind has become scarce in Southern California.
A. chrysaetos
Habitat/Climate :

Temperate, Subtropical
The Golden Eagle can reach speeds up to 120 mph
The claws of a Golden Eagle can exert 15 times the amount of pressure that a human hand can
The Golden eagle can live up to 32 years
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Golden Eagle Facts
Golden eagle
Golden Eagle
National Geographic
Specific Traits
The Golden eagle is an expemplementry embodiment of the greatest features of a bird group called Raptors. Raptors are birds who hunt and feed on other birds. Therefore, their bodies must be specifically designed to the specification of their environment and their needs. The golden eagle has an incredibly sharp beak that it uses to rip apart meat, and consume its prey. Its talons help it grasp its prey and kill it. The golden eagle's eyesight is incredibly sharp helping it see prey from thousand of feet away. Usually inhabiting large, flat areas, the golden eagle's sight is one of its most important traits.
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