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Eileen calleja

on 26 December 2013

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Transcript of BA460-Make-up

Commercials Scenarios

- 10 year establishment
- products contain natural ingredients
- employees are trained biannually
- importing and exporting costs
- non established organization
- located near competitors
- cosmetic surgery trend
- foreign brand viewed as luxurious
- learn from Koreans
- new to market
- Korean's are brand loyalist
- easily duplicated products

Top Korean Fashion Magazine
Fashion Net Korea
Ceci: $7,000 1 full page
Fashion ChannelMmmDED
South Korea
East Asian Country
Biggest City: Seoul
one of the most homogeneous countries
Languages: Korean
Total Population: 50 million (2012)
Values include hard work, family, and humility
Uphold traditional culture and modern success
Social Media
Holiday Promotions
Sales Period
Seollal (February9-11)
Labor Day (May 1)
Parent's Day (May 8)
September (18-20)
Christmas (December 25)
Geert Hofstede
Cultural Dimensions
Reported rapid rates of real economic growth
Fourth largest economy in Asia
By 1990s, gain ranks of Asian Tiger Economies
Daehan Minguk
Market Trend
More frank about thier grooming habits & opinions on beauty
More objective view of external beauty
Perfect face:
small face
big eyes
pale skin
Mission Statement
Simple Hermosa is a beauty brand devoted to enhancing your natural features and to reveal a more beautiful looking complexion using high-quality, organic ingredients.
- oil cleanser 22USD 70140KRW
- facial wash 27USD 86079KRW
- toner 22USD 70140KRW
- serum 45USD 95644KRW
- lotion 22USD 70140KRW
- eyeliner 16USD 51009KRW
- mascara 16USD 51009KRW
- brow liners 16USD 51009KRW
- BB cream 37USD 117963KRW
- lip plumper 17USD 53871KRW
is a measure of
South Korea has the
highest cosmetic surgery
statistic in the world.
This increase has provided opportunity for cosmetic
products and post surgery.

fastest growing rate in industry
9.5% increase in 2011
Market Value of $200 million
Import & Export
Lip Plumpers
two options
- to make lips appear fuller
- to leave a natural finish
Age structure:
0-14 years: 15.1% (male 3,844,033/female 3,533,963)
15-24 years: 13.6% (male 3,517,504/female 3,104,269)
25-54 years: 48.3% (male 12,013,733/female 11,593,217)
55-64 years: 11.2% (male 2,697,406/female 2,765,709)
65 years and over:11.9% (male 2,365,749/female 3,424,917) (2012 est.)

rapidly aging population
increase in demand beacuse of actresses
Celebrity Transfer
Eugene Kim - The face of our product.
Why Eugene Kim?
Eugene grew up on Guam.
SM Entertainment in Korea
Home of South Korea's biggest celebrities
Girls Generation (YouTube Music Awards Artist of the Year) .
Kim Eugene started off as a renowned K-pop star (sing and dance artist) to an award winning actress.
BB cream is a must have in any Korean cosmetic line. BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that also includes SPF and PA to protect against UVA and UVB rays, which also lightens the skin and creates an illusion of clearer skin.
COLORS: Black, White, and Rose Gold

Black is a perfect color for making the eyes pop given that our Korean market is big on having the wing-eyed effect on the outer edges of the eyes. We also choose Rose Gold and White because when applied in the inner corners of the eyes and waterline it creates the illusion of bigger eyes.
Brow Liners
Lighter shades to provide a younger more fuller natural finish to brows.
volumizes and lengthens lashes for a bold, bright, and beautiful look
SWOT Analysis
Subtle colors because Korean make up are more focused on the eyes (eyeliners and eyebrows) and the BB creams.
inspired by nature
Commercial Scenario
The commercial opens up with Eugene in the middle of the jungle when she finds flowers and fruits that turn into the products of Simple Hermosa with ZECK Coporation shown at the end.
P l a c e
ZECK Corporation is a skin care and cosmetic company first established on Guam and has seen positive results with the tourist industry on island. ZECK corp. has been in the industry for over ten years now and is excited to take their company internationally.
Company Background
A key advertising theme for the Korean Market is, "This is the good life, this is what modern Korea is all about. You should participate in it like everyone else, so don't be left behind because everyone else is moving forward.
Advertising Theme
"Simple beauty for great success. "
84.1% Penetration Usage
About 41M
Interactive Website - Interactive Blog
Thank you!
BB Cream
BB cream is a must have in any Korean cosmetic line. BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that also includes SPF and PA to protect against UVA and UVB rays, which also lightens the skin and creates an illusion of clearer skin.
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