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Anna Garcia's Time Of Death

No description

Jamie Reniva

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Anna Garcia's Time Of Death

Anna Garcia's death was determined to be an accidental death. In the autopsy report there was evidence that she could of had diabetes . It also stated that she had edema (her ankles were swollen) and she has a foot ulcer on her right foot. There was enough information to know that this was mjore likely a accident than a homiside death. We believe she died because of one of deffects to her body as an accindetal death.
How Did Anna Garcia Die?
Forensic Careers
Evidence found at the crime scene:
Pills (aspirin)
Fingerprints (Alex Garcia)
Shoe prints (Anna Garcia)
Windex on the floor
Chair knocked down
Blood splatter
DNA found at the crime scene: Anna Garcia

The Crime Scene
Crime scene investigator
What height did Anna Garcia's blood dropped from?
Hypothesis: If we try different heights, then we can find where Anna Garcia's blood dropped.

Weight:155 lbs
Height:61 in
Lab: Dropped blood onto the protection sheet starting at 155cm. Then went down every 20 cm and measure the blood's diameter for each blood that has been dropped
Conclusion: Anna Garcia's blood dropped from 75 cm, so she probably bleeded after
she hit her head on the table which was
Anna Garcia
"Detectives and Criminal Investigators" make a mean annual salary of $30,000-$50,000
The body is that of a well-nourished adult hispanic female who
appears to be her stated age 38. There was aspirin found at her body,
but no evidence of overdose was found. When her body was admitted
to the morgue, her clothes are stained with blood and a small
amount of vomit is seen on the shoulder of her blouse. An injury
was found at her right temple, with an open wound. Her left foot
only has four toes, her fifth toe has been amputated ( cut off) . She
also has a foot ulcer on her right foot and her ankles are swollen.
Age: 38 years old
Ex-husband: Alex Garcia
Has two children
Moved to Hollywood, after a divorce a year ago
Passed away on Monday, August 19, 2013
Body height: 61 inches
Body weight: 155 lbs.
Current Job: A dishwasher at STEM academy
Anna Garcia's Background
Generally, a bachelor’s degree is required and crime scene investigators who work in the field may have begun their law enforcement career as a police officer.
Also, crime scene investigators collect and record physical evidence, such as fingerprints, clothing fibers and weapons.
They helped this case by collecting fingerprints and shoe prints.
Blood Splatter
A suspicious fingerprint was found at the crime scene. Who's fingerprint was this?
Blood Splatter
Foot Ulcer:
Fingerprint found at the
crime scene:
Alex Garcia's Fingerprint:
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