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Inca Society

No description

jonathan reisz

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Inca Society

The Inca Beliefs Incans were a polythestic civilization.
They beleived most gods were attached to worldly objects. Also believed that there emporers were descendants of the gods. The Empire Monoco Capac founded the Incan Empire! The Inca Empire existed from 1200 and 1535A.D. The Incas used the Quipu.....was a series of strings knotted together for recordings The Incas belived it was imporant to worship there ancestors and the spirits.
Incas also mummified bodys.
Also used human sacrifice; sacrifices were for the gods. government by theocracy, sun-god king
religion plays a major role in society and rule
social welfare state cares for all people
extensive road system links the country together The Incan Empire eventually came to an end due to spanish conquistadors lead by Fransisco Pizzaro. The city of machu picchu Women had power in the Incan hierarchy. Inca sun god
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