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The Telephone

No description

jessie blusker

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of The Telephone

Transmitter (microphone)
Receiver (speaker)
Dialing Mechagnism (keypad)
The Creation of The Telephone
Invented by Alexander Graham Bell
First words spoken into telephone, "Mr.Watson, come here, I want to see you."
Bell's idea of a harmonic telegraph
Bell's idea of the telephone
The Telephone
The Telephone's effect
Everyday use
Tech in modern day society
communication now
communication before the telephone
Printed Circuit Board
How The Telephone Travels
The signal of the telephone leaves the house
If the call is to other countries it will travel via satellite systems or undersea.
telephone box that is outside
calls go to a local exchange that is within a small area
calls travel to the cell towers and from there on to a mobile exchange
The main exchange may route the call to an international exchange (depending on where the call is going)
Thank You!!!
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