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How trombones have changed over time!!!!!

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maria mireles

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of How trombones have changed over time!!!!!

DID YOU KNOW........
-That there are 3 types of trombones - alto ,bass, and tenor?
-The alto is rarely used because it has such a small repertoire ?
- the bass trombone is a tenor trombone with additional tubing activated by a valve that serves the function of a switch? Types of trombones! The history of Trombones!!!! ABOUT THE TROMBONE Early trombones - Early trombones were regularly used in groups with trumpets, where they were the lowest voice in the instrumental consort.
- A tradition of music for these instruments continued into the 17th century when music for trumpets and trombones or cornets and sackbuts, to refer to their earlier name- was internationally popular with such eminent composers as Giovanni Gabrieli, Heinrich Schutz, and Henry Purcell. - The earliest type of trombone was called sackbut.
- The bell's funnel was wider than 5 inches (13 cm)
- In the early 17th century there was an alto, bass, and contrabass version.:O - Uses a slide
- If you unwind it, the total is 9 feet
- The instrument has a cup-shaped mouthpiece attached to a cylindrical length of tubing that expands toward a flared bell.
- As with other brass instruments, the sound is produced by a vibrating column of air through the mouthpiece into the instruments coiled tubing.
- Unlike the modern trumpet or french horn, which have valves that produce different notes, the trombone has long U-shaped slide that the player manipulates to produce a wide range of pitches
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