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Science - Change Detectives - Lesson 1

No description

Edward Carter

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Science - Change Detectives - Lesson 1

Introduction... Why do things change?

Why does bread turn to toast? Why does a soft drink loose its fizziness? Why does water change ice when it's really cold?

Today you become a Change Detective! You are a highly skilled detective who identifies things that change.

You will need all your wits about you, because a crime has been committed! Time to go... In your teams of three, you will patiently make your way through the Mess Scene. You must not touch any of the evidence!!!

Take notes in your Science Journal of each station. You should sketch and write your observations.

You need to record what you see, smell or hear. Remember the three questions:
1. What do you see (or observe)?
2. What changes have occurred?
3. Can the changes be reversed? Lesson One - The Mess Scene Investigation! Change Detectives The Mess Scene... Today you are going to visit a 'Mess Scene'.
Some thoughtless person...or thing...has made a terrible mess and fled before being caught.
Change Detectives are needed to investigate what has happened and how things have changed.

As you walk though the Mess Scene, you will discuss, take notes, sketch and photograph what you observe. You will need to keep asking the following three questions:
1. What do I see (or observe)?
2. What changes have occurred?
3. Can the changes be reversed? What you need... To be a Change Detective you need the following scientific equipment:
Your Science Journal
A scientific pencil and a scientific eraser
A digital camera - we don't have many so please share them around (NOTE: you may not get a turn with a camera)
A team of three Change Detectives
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