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Violence Against Women

The Power and Control Wheel depicts the primary abusive behaviours experienced by women living with violent men. It illustrates that violence is part of a pattern of behaviours rather than isolated incidents of abuse or cyclical explosions of pent-up ange

Felipe Villegas

on 21 August 2009

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Transcript of Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women Power and Control using coercion and threats using intimidation using emotional abuse using isolation minimizing, denying and blaming using children using male privilege using economic abuse Making and/or carrying
out threats to do
something to harm her.
Threatening to leave,
commit suicide, or
report her to welfare.
Making her drop
charges. Making
her do illegal things Making her afraid by
using looks, gestures,
actions. Smashing things.
Destroying her property.
Abusing pets. Displaying
weapons. Putting her down. Making
her feel bad about herself.
Calling her names. Making
her think she’s crazy.
Playing mind games.
Humiliating her. Making
her feel guilty. Controlling what she does, who
she sees or talks to, what she
reads, where she goes. Limiting
your outside involvement.
Using jealousy to justify actions. Making light of the
abuse and not taking
her concerns about it
seriously. Saying the
abuse didn’t happen.
Shifting responsibility for
abusive bahevior. Saying
she caused it. Making her feel guilty
about the children.
Using children to
relay messages. Using
visitation to harass her.
Threatening to take
the children away. Treating her like a servant.
Making all the big decisions.
Acting like the “master of the
castle.” Being the one to define
men’s and women’s roles. Preventing her from getting
or keeping a job. Making her
ask for money. Giving her an
allowance. Taking her money.
Not allowing her to know about
or have access to the family
income. PHYSICAL ABUSE SEXUAL ABUSE Hiding or destroying important
papers (passport, ID cards,
health-care cards, etc.).
Destroying her only property
from her country of origin. Lying about her
status. Writing
to her family and
telling lies about
her. Calling her
racist names. Isolating her
from friends,
family, or
anyone who
speaks her
language. Not
allowing her to
learn English. Failing to file papers to legalize
her immigration status,
withdrawing or threatening to
withdraw papers filed for her
residency. Threatening to take her children
away from Canada. Threatening
to report her children to Immigration. Calling her a
prostitute or
“mail order
bride.” Alleging
on legal papers
that she has
a history of
prostitution. Threatening to
report her if she
works “under
the table.” Not
letting her get
job training or
schooling. Threatening to report her to
Immigration to get her deported.
Threatening to withdraw the
petition to legalize her
immigration status. pushing, shoving, hitting slapping, choking, pulling hair punching, kicking, grabbing using a weapon against her beating, throwing her down twisting arms, tripping, biting
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