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Journey to Agilandia

No description

Liviu-Stefanita Baiu

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Journey to Agilandia

Introduction & Argument
Narrator: Liviu-Stefanita Baiu
His story:
6 years as full time Business Analyst,
previous 7 years as ERP implementation consultant
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Agilandia border
While a BA is preparing for these changes ... they are already changed, so learning by the book can be helpful but is not enough.
Travel kit - ATTITUDE
Travel kit - Tools & Techniques (T&T)
Due to the continuous evolution of software applications ... nothing is set in stone on using a particular tool or technique.
Travel Kit - Techniques
The techniques I used are mostly visual ... thus they are linked to a tool, but some others are not:
Travel Kit - Methodologies - SCRUM
Travel Kit - Methodologies - KANBAN
Sourced in Lean Manufacturing philosophy, developed by Toyota in post WWII period, KANBAN software development methodology has multiple benefits.
Packing up!
So ... to begin the journey ... you'll get good use of
Your journey goes on from
Journey to Agilandia
Business Analyst Travel kit
Why Agilandia story? ... because ... times are changing ... and working as a Business Analyst (BA) in software development companies, or any other ... means facing new technologies every year (or even quicker) ... new trends in work environment ... in business models ... in rules and regulations ... in management.
What a BA should do to get his job done in Agilandia?
Add value
through his own work and help others to
Add value
to the product they are working on.
to be able (and willing) to ask for help
Although there is no kit available to contain attitude, this one does ... A BA needs ...
to learn about:
the product
processes (team and client)
to be open. Openness gets trust and respect
to understand the delivery model and methodology
T&T - ALM Tools
For some time JIRA is a tool of choice as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for large organizations. There are a lot of players on the market like Microsoft Team Foundation server, HP ALM, and others.
T&T - Diagrams
Diagrams are a visual representations of the structure, way of working, or composition of a system.
Using a set of rules, or a standardized notation, a diagram can help reaching the 'ubiquitous language' - thus facilitate communication.
T&T - Mind maps
Mind mapping is a technique made popular by Tony Buzan in the 70's and there are some tools on the market who allow you to quickly create mind maps, some free (I use freemind for example), some paid - such is iMindMap.
Usage - learning, note taking, brainstorming, backlog creation (!?), creating site maps, risk identification, and so on.
T&T - Wireframes and Prototypes
Wireframes are a static representation of the elements of a web page, arranged so that the page fulfills a specific objective.
Prototype is a visual simulation of the future application (either web or mobile). The click-able prototype also allows the evaluation of user interaction and experience with the product.
is applied through a
Advantages of an ALM tool:
adapted to different methodologies
integrated with other applications
covering the lifecycle from inception to hypercare
Thank you and Bon Voyage!
to communicate
Site map
Application flow
Use Case
System Diagram
Information Flow
diagrams - MS Visio, gliffy
mind maps - freemind
flow diagram - MS Visio
wireframes - moqups
prototypes - freemind, moqups
mock-ups - Paint.NET, moqups
Use Case - MS Visio and Excel
MoSCoW - Must, Should, Could, Won't prioritization
Stakeholder matrix
T-Shirt estimation
User stories
Given When Then Scenarios
SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
complex adaptive
highest possible value
while productively and
can address
products of the
Scrum(n): A framework within
Product Owner
Development Team
Scrum Master
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog
Source: http://www.scrumguides.org/scrum-guide.html#definition
waste is avoided trough limiting work in progress and addressing blockers on the spot.
visualize the work in all phases (to do, in progress, done). See the whole.
improve the work flow and environment on the go.
make decisions at the right time, with as much info available as possible.
get constant and on-the spot feedback for delivered functionality.
willing to learn
ready to help and ask for help
Tools & Techniques
ALM tools
Mind maps
Stakeholder matrix
T-Shirt estimation
User stories
Given When Then Scenarios
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