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this is jonathan trappe

No description

jordan bedford

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of this is jonathan trappe

This is Jonathan Trappe
Jonathan Trappe adds that "The Atlantic Ocean has been crossed many times, and in many ways, but never quite like this,"
He took off across the ocean.
The American ballooner was forced to land in Newfoundland due to technical issue just 12 hours into the planned 2,500-mile journey
Jonathan Trappe is going to be crossing the Atlantic Ocean (Sept. 19 2013) in a lifeboat lifted by more than 300 balloons!
jonathan trappe
370 helium-filled balloons!
travelling at over 50mph
when did he start his trip
(Sept. 19 2013)
what ocean
did he cross
Atlantic Ocean
how many miles did he hope to travel
2,500-mile journey
thank you
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