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R.A. C.C. B.G. Hinduism

No description

Michael Corvello

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of R.A. C.C. B.G. Hinduism

By: Rachel, Charlie, and Brian
Background info
Started by ideas 5,000 years ago
3rd oldest religion
is a polytheistic religion
believes in many deities
Core Beliefs
impersonal ultimate reality
the soul
Brahman trapped in matter
when you do something good your next life will be better or vise versa
the idea of being reborn when you die until you join Brahman in Moksha
Gods and Goddesses
All gods have different characteristics of Brahma
main god
creator god
One of the three main gods
the preserver god
god of destruction
Part of three main gods
goddess of good fortune
destroyer of demons
over 300 million dieties
Caste System
you are born into your caste
If you have good karma you will be born in a better caste the next life
Beliefs (continued)
Most Hindus are vegetarian
cow is a sacred animal
Holy texts
Most reliable text
Oldest book
Many holy texts
800 million followers
About 14 percent of world population
80.5 percent of India is Hindu
Hindus are vegetarians
cows are a sacred animal
Hindus respect all living things
More on Brahma
Hindus believe that Brahma was born from a golden egg
Brahma is believed to have four faces
some temples are dedicated to him
pray in shrines
use yoga to pray
priests read books to the members
do rituals called Kanya, don't have to do them, but highly recommended for their religion
HIndus take off their shoes when they are indoors
9 beliefs of Hinduism
Hindus believe in one being, who controls the universe and is unsurpassable
He is the creator
Beileve in holiness of the four Vedas
Beileve that four Vedas contain gods words
Universe is recreated over and over again
each person creates his or her own destiny
Hindus believe that when you worship a god you will become closer to the gods
Beileve that a satguru or enlightened master has to know Transendent Absolute
All life is sacred and you should love to be alive
Believe all religions are true but are all different paths to god
Thanks For Watching!!!
"Brahma". Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online.
Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2015. Web. 21 Dec. 2015
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