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Making Long term Success on the International Market

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Amanda Thielemann

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Making Long term Success on the International Market

A Cautionary Tale for Emerging Market Giants
You have reached success!
"How leadership failures in corporate Japan knocked its companies off the world stage"
Early Expatriation
Mistake #3
Mistake #4
Educate your top management to the specificity of the targeted country
Success abroad ≠ replication of home strategy
Japanese firms create strong corporate policies, practices, thinking, and behaviors
Japanese corporations typically sent large teams of experts overseas
Homogeneous team at the top
What happened?
Japanese decrease to 11.2¤%

U.S increase to 30 %

European Union & Switzerland increase to 35 %
15 years ago...
Japanese companies 35.2% of Forbes 500 list Index

U.S companies 28.4%
China Haier
Local actors are quite strong and prevent from any international competition
Lack of knowledge in cultural differences

The new and diverse work environment

No international management
Brazil’s Vale earns more than 80% of its revenues outside Brazil, but 80% of its employees are based in the country and are Brazilian.
2 official languages
22 national languages
Make your top managers
come to your home country


Mistake #1
"Devotion to the way"
4 of the 10 largest firms are banks


In the 68 Japanese firms on the 2009 Global 500, nearly 98% of the listed corporate officers were Japanese.

Amanda, Vivez, Benjamin, Francois
-J.Stewart Black & Allen J. Morrison
"The worlds economy my be globalizing; that doesn't mean it is
becoming any less diverse."
Since 1995
0.9% - 10.4%
not prepared to hand to hand combat
Mistake #2
- A fierce competition

- The workforce

- The administration
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