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No description

Natalia Gonzalez

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of MY 7th GRADE STORY

1st PERIOD!!
My first period is earth and space science. We learned about the water cycle, the atmosphere, planets and moon phases ect. I also participated in the LNM Solar Cooking Contest Which is my Favorite thing. I didn't win but other students won because of their great efforts. There was also the Science Club they did a lot of activities.
2nd PERIOD!!
In second period is Physical Education (PE).
3rd PERIOD!!
4th PERIOD!!
My fourth period class is Math. It teaches me about geometry, algebra, ect. My favorite part is when we get to do fun activities and cool projects with math. My teacher is funny and nice and so are my class mates.
My Third period is Civics. Civics teaches us about politics. I learned about government, cases, amendments/constitution and ect. A lot of my classmates do not pay attention, But I don't care. Civics is a hard class.
5th PERIOD!!
My fifth period is art. Art is one of my specialties. My favorite part is when they teach us new techniques. In art they teach how to draw different things. I like to see other peoples drawings and see how they draw and do things.
6th PERIOD!!
My sixth period is Language Arts (LA). My favorite part is that after we read the book we watch the movie. LA teaches me about poems, books, authors ect. It also teaches me about ways to write.
7th PERIOD!!
My seventh period is Computers. Computer teaches us about what things we can use in comp programs. I Favorite thing is when we get to do whatever we want. :)
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