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Research Portfolio - TV Crime Drama

What should I include?

Sarah Hewitt

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Research Portfolio - TV Crime Drama

TV Crime Drama Moving Image Promotion What do I need to include? What are the codes and conventions of TV Crime Drama? Research Portfolio Explain briefly what makes TV Crime Drama different from other tv programmes.
Choose ONE TV Crime Drama that is on TV at the moment, and use it as a case study. There's an example in Frog on Life On Mars / Ashes to Ashes.
Don't copy and paste straight from IMDB or wiki. USE YOUR OWN WORDS.
Choose a programme that you can watch.
Use the REVISION NOTES to help you describe your chosen programme using the appropriate MEDIA LANGUAGE. Case Study Title
Main characters
Time / channel / frequency of broadcast.
Viewing figures? Try BARB.
Character names & types (Revision Notes 1)
Setting (Revision Notes 2) Representation Representation: how characters or places are re-presented to the audience.

Choose a character OR focus on the setting. The character doesn't have to be one of the 'good guys'. It can be the criminal provided they play a big enough role in the episode.

How are they REPRESENTED? What impression do we get? How is this created?

Use revision notes 7 & 8 to help you. Case Study Part 2 Narrative structure (Propp or Todorov? Explain, using an episode as an example. Revision notes 2 & 3)
Style (Revision notes 4 & 5)
Themes (Revision notes 5 & 6)
Genre (Revision notes 6)
Promotion: find programme reviews, articles, dvd covers, and the web site that supports the programme. Print out the articles, screen grab the web site and the dvd cover.
Identify the TARGET AUDIENCE for the programme. Promotion Web Site
Identify the key features of the supporting web site (DENOTATION).
Explain why these features are used, and how they try and engage the interest of the audience (CONNOTATION)
Use the Web Page Analysis in Frog to help you with the appropriate media language. Promotion DVD Covers and programme reviews / articles.

Analyse the DVD cover using DENOTATION and CONNOTATION.
Explain why reviews and articles in the media are important. Is there any link between the articles and the target audience? Who benefits? Case Study Part 3 This section of your case study does not have to be focused on your choice of programme.

You may be awarded more marks if you can show you are able to discuss a range of different TV crime dramas.

However, it is the QUALITY of your work and your use of MEDIA LANGUAGE that counts. Moving Image Analysis Choose a clip from a TV crime drama (not necessarily your case study) and write a DIRECTORS COMMENTARY in which you identify key shots & editing techniques, and explain:
how you were revealing the narrative, and
the impact you were intending to have on the audience.

Remember to use the appropriate MEDIA LANGUAGE. Moving Image Analysis Trailers & Title Sequences

Find a trailer, either for your chosen case study programme, or a different one.

What the trailer & title sequence reveals about the narrative.
What they reveal about the characters and setting.
How they try and appeal to the TARGET AUDIENCE, and persuade them to view.
What is the USP of the programme?
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