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Jenna Stroud

College Student Development Introduction

Jenna Stroud

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Jenna Stroud

Hobbies I am from Lincoln, NE, although someday I would like to move some place where it never snows! I love warm weather! Where? Currently, I am in my last semester of my Masters program in Educational Psychology with emphasis in Cognition, Learning, and Development. My undergrad was in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology. I also, work as a graduate assistant for the Nebraska swim team, an assistant high school swim coach for Lincoln North Star, as well as a club coach at Lincoln Select Swim Team. Major Interests: Why this Class: I chose this class due to my interest in coaching athletics at the college level, specifically coaching swimming. As well as my interest in working closely one on one with athletes development whether that is in coaching, academia, or outreach. Career Plans: After I graduate with my masters this May I will be getting married on the Beach in Florida! So, during this semester I will be applying for college coaching jobs as well as academic counseling jobs at universities across the country in hopes of landing one before we get married in May! Wish me luck :)! If you didn't notice by my choice of prezi (Treasure Island!), I love to travel, especially to warm places. My fiance and I enjoy being by water, boating, and wake boarding! I really enjoy swimming, biking, and running. I have only done one triathlon, but look forward to doing more! Hello My name is: Jenna Stroud Introductions:
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