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Adjective & Jobs

Semester 1 Week 2

Alexander Walsh

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Adjective & Jobs

Fortune Tellers Jobs ALEX will be a very TALL man.
ALEX'S job will be a TEACHER.
His wife will be a very BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.
Her job will be a DOCTOR.
They will have 2 SMART children
what is an adjective? ___ will be a very _1_ man.
___'s job will be a ___2___.
___'s wife will be a very __3__ woman.
Her job will be a _4_.
They will have _5_ __6__ children Interview Actor Astronaut Judge Rock Star Artist Gangster Librarian Movie Director Sailor Chef Nurse Farmer Barber Cleaner Miner Pilot Barman Dentist Barman Gardener Taxi Driver Acrobat Plumber Ugly Poor Beautiful Fast Lazy Happy Nosy Crazy Smart Fat Quiet Gigantic Funny Mighty Dull Tall/Short Scary Sad
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