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Why is Salba chia Smarter?

No description

Salba Smart

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Why is Salba chia Smarter?

Because we care.
Why is Salba Chia the most nutritionally consistent chia available?
Salba Chia gets an A+ for clinical research
Why is Salba Chia smarter?
What you are about to see is the truth.
Viewing may inflict further curiosity, increased knowledge, or even excitement to be Salba "Smart".

Salba Chia is the most nutritionally consistent form of chia available on the planet!
Did you know?
Salba is different...and in a good way!
We care about quality & consistency!
What's the Salba Chia difference?
Grown under strictly controlled conditions, Salba does maintain the nutritional consistency from crop to crop to ensure a standardized nutritional profile varying less than 1%!!

Depending, generic chia can vary from crop to crop by 30% nutritionally and 40% on EFA's with a 60-80% swing left or right. How's that for inconsistency?

When it comes to nutrition, Salba Chia is the cream of the crop...literally.
As the big seed on campus, Salba Chia is the only chia suitable for University research. All other chias who've tried have failed.

Why? Because generic chia is not nutritionally consistent and, believe it or not, our body's responses can only be measured with a constant dosage. That's why Salba Chia is at the head of its class!

University studies find Salba Chia seeds do the heavy-lifting nutritionally, providing a daily Omega-3 (ALA) and fiber boost, and they even earn extra credit for minerals.
It pays to do your homework!
Want to know more?
Just ask!
Otherwise, visit our site for more information!
Salba Chia vs. Generic Chia

What are the benefits of Salba Chia?
Salba Chia has the highest concentration of Omega-3 (ALA) and fiber found in nature!
5x more folate than spinach
6x more calcium than whole milk
6x more iron than kidney beans
8x more Omega-3 (ALA) fatty acids than salmon (EPA/DHA)
2x more potassium than bananas
3x more fiber than oats
You decide...
Salba Chia is grown under strictly controlled conditions by one family of growers to ensure nutritional consistency.
Generic chia is grown as a wild crop by various farmers and growers.

Salba Chia is sold by partners of the growers who can trace back to the field every time.
Generic chia is bought and sold as a commodity by farmers and traders who sell whatever is available while it's available.

Salba Chia is Non-GMO Project Verified.
Generic chia may or may not be.

Salba is a blend of the only three registered varieties (Sahi Alba 911, 912 & 914) of chia out of 80+ generic strains.

Salba was tested by Dr. Vladimir Vuksan at the University of Toronto and is the only chia with positive published clinical results on humans.

Salba Chia is Non-GMO Project Verified!
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