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2nd Honoring Yourself with a Quality Consequence

Lesson 3

Natassja Conway

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of 2nd Honoring Yourself with a Quality Consequence

Honoring Yourself with a Quality Consequence
Showing Myself Respect
Part of respect is caring about YOURSELF.

Self-Respect Is....

Self-Respect Makes Me Feel...

Got To Do With It?
Stress is...

Stress can make us Bucket Dip

Stress distracts us

The Road to Self-Respect
Self-Respect vs. Respect

How do we get self-respect?

Self-Respect Levels: Bucket Levels
Where We Have Been...
Operation Beautiful/Bucketfilling

We ARE Our Choices!

Change Your Path
Stress Can Be Caused By:
How Do We Fill Our Buckets and Dump the Stress?
Where Did It Go??
What takes my self-respect:

Negative Choices

Negative Attitudes

Not Being True to YOU
What is Respect?

How can we show Respect to Others?

When you respect someone, you care about how the person feels.
Honestly Being Respectful
Respect means that you believe the person's ideas, thoughts, and feelings are important.

Trust = Respect???
Having lots on our plate

Worrying about what we can't control

Not Knowing Results

New Experiences: ie. Test Taking
Treating Others How You Want To Be Treated
Our Choices, Our Words, Our Consequences.
1. Close Your Eyes and Calm Your Body
2. Speak Kind Words to Yourself
3. Find a Quiet Space to Relax
4. Enjoy Who You Are
5. Name 3 Good Things
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