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"After I was Thrown into the River and before I drowned" Plot Diagram


Elisabetta Paoli

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of "After I was Thrown into the River and before I drowned" Plot Diagram

"After I was Thrown in the River and before I drowned" Plot Diagram
Narrator: Steven (a racing dog)
Main Character
Subordinate Characters
The humans, other dogs,
the squirrels

Today in a modern city with a lot of cement and in the woods
at 6 months old Steven was thrown into the river and rescued by a fisherman
Steven races Edward, a bull terrrier .Edward falls in the gap and Steven wins the race
Steven races Susan, a retriever. Susan falls in the gap and breaks her leg. Franklin kills one of the squirrels because they were mocking her.
After 10 days, he races Franklin. They are both upset about Susan losing her leg. The rain has filled up the gap. Steven jumps and hits his head. (line 310)
Steven doesn't feel like going to the woods. He stays at home with the twins and plays with them. He likes staying with them while they watch television and it rains outside.
1st Flashback
Rising Action
Falling Action
Steven hits his head and dies
By: E. Paoli.
For a long time he's at the bottom of the river and remembers when he was 6 months old and was thrown into the river because he would not fight
After the 6th day he wakes up in a field of buttercups, with hills and waterfalls. He realizes that "God is the sun".
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