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What is United Kingdom?

No description

Javier Link

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of What is United Kingdom?

By the importing of ingredients and ideas from places such as North America, China and southern Asia.
English cuisine
Derived from traditional British cuisine, such as roast beef, modified by the addition of Indian-style spices.
Has many regional varieties within the broader categories of English, Scottish and Welsh cuisine. Each have developed their own regional or local dishes.

Is the union flag.

Final edition in 1801.

England, Scotland and Ireland.

United Kingdom Flag
It’s a Monarchy

It’s the union of individuals countries
of England, Scotland and Wales collectively
called Great Britain and Northern Ireland

It’s the most influential country in Europe

It’s the fifth largest economy in the world

Pound sterling is the world's third-largest reserve currency

Largest financial center in the world

What is United Kingdom?
Scottish cuisine
Is the specific set of cooking traditions and practices associated with Scotland.
Welsh cuisine
Wales is best known for its sheep, is the meat traditionally associated with Welsh cooking.
United Kingdom Location
-William Shakespeare
-Christopher Marlowe
 -Ben Jonson

-Folk music of England.
-Heavy Metal of Northern Ireland.
-Classical music of United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is a land of contrasts, largely due to its rich and complex history, and the individual cultures of its four constituent “home nations” of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Meeting and Greeting
The handshake

Avoid prolonged eye contact

Protocol for introducing people in a business or more formal social situation

Isn't usual to talk loudly or hold large

On public transportation

Daniel Radcliffe

Robert Pattinson

The Beatles

Rolling Stones

Pink Floyd



Amy Winehouse


General United Kingdom Info
-Currency : United Kingdom Pound, sterling
1 UKP = 1.68 USD
1 UKP = 21.88 Pesos

-Languages: 95% of population at UK is monolingual

-Main three religions:
Mountains and Rivers
The ten tallest mountains in UK are all found in Scotland and longest rivers are located at England
Scotland: Ben Nevis, 1,344 metres
Wales: Snowdon (Snowdonia), 1,085 metres
The longest river in the UK is the River Severn (220 mi; 350 km) which flows through both Wales and England
England: River Thames (215 mi; 346 km)
River Severn

Ben Nevis
Windsor Castle
Science and Technology
Isaac Newton, developed law of motion and gravity theory

Charles Darwin, fundaments for biology

Michael Faraday, incandescent bulb light

James Maxwell, developed electromagnetic theory

Alexander Fleming, discovered penicillin

Alexander Braham Bell, invented and patented the telephone

Attractions at United Kingdom
The UK is very multi-cultural

Accents vary a lot across the UK, with different accents spoken by the locals in different areas
What is British?
Touristic Tour at United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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