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What I have learned as a result of my ECMP 355 Course.

Brianna Wale

on 28 November 2012

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The Journey of Learning... At The Beginning... - Twitter for Hash tagging and ReTweeting EVERYTHING! Technology in Education is NOT "something that should happen one day," it is something that is happening RIGHT NOW!
People spend thousands of hours on Social Media sites and students are no different. We have to include what they use everyday or we will never keep them engaged and they will not learn to the best of their abilities. The rapidly changing technologies can lead to rapidly changing online problems. Bullying, Stalking, and Harassment can take place much more easily online than it can in person. And we have to teach our students to protect themselves. Netiquette This course has given me so many ideas and insights into technology I can use in my own classrooms in the future. There are so many neat things you can do with technology to keep students engaged and help them learn!
I cannot wait to start using my new knowledge in my future classrooms! - Google was for searching the answer when I was too lazy to figure it out myself - YouTube was for watching videos of cats and babies when I was trying to put off homework - Blogs were for teenagers to vent out their feelings for all the world to read But once I started my journey, I realized
quickly that I was VERY wrong... Twitter could connect me with
educators from all over the world! Google had SO many different apps
I could use for teaching and learning! https://twitter.com/search?q=%23ecs210&src=hash http://www.google.ca/intl/en/about/products/ YouTube has so many inspirational and educational videos! Blogs can be professional spaces to get yourself and your skills known! http://briannawale.wordpress.com/ But technology changes so quickly that keeping up with every new form can be a difficult task... and learning how to use them can be just as hard! http://www.networketiquette.net/ http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html At the Beginning... This is the end of the course, but the beginning of my teaching career, and thanks to all my new knowledge, I feel much more prepared. Although this course is over, my journey is not... As technology changes, I have to adapt my teaching and my learning
to change with it... Or I will not be beneficial to my students, colleagues, or myself I had to take what I had learned and re-evaluate my own netiquette and cyber behaviour This class taught me a lot about myself as both an educator and as a person.

I had to learn about my own professionalism and how I was portrayed online.
I had to learn about my own online activity and the appropriateness of my online life.
I had to learn the difference between professional image and personal image and how to ensure I keep the two separated online and in real life. Personal Vs. Professional Imaging I even "Googled" myself to ensure that I didn't have any negative representations! http://cosoti.pbworks.com/f/3.5.2008.GoogleTeacher.socialnetworkarticle.pdf
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