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By Jackson Tilley

jackson Tilley

on 17 November 2010

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Transcript of Nip/Tuck

The standard for beauty in America is unreachable without medical intervention. Thesis It is because of the portrayal of beauty in the
media that society feels plastic surgery is acceptable. With pressure to look good, what other option is there? Patients feel the need to live up to standards set by the media Doctors are essentially selling a product, and can be very persuasive. Generally speaking, plastic surgeons report that many teens want plastic surgery because they long to fit in with their friends, while many adults pursue plastic surgery because they want to stand out Financing is easily accessable Patients Can Buy Now and Pay Later Beautiful people tend to earn five percent more an hour than their less comely colleagues According to Dr. Gordon Patzer, who has spent more than three decades studying and writing about physical attractiveness, human beings are hard-wired to respond more favorably to attractive people. Very large debt First: A glimpse at plastic surgery and percieved beauty in the media Donatella Vercase Jocelyn Wildenstein Bruce Jenner The typical patient has evolved from a wealthy upper-class woman, to rich teens, middle income, middle-aged women, and self-conscious men. Through the flashy images of “perfect” female beauty promoted ubiquitously in magazines, television, and films, female and male viewers alike may quickly infer that a female’s body is her most important attribute and thus a lifelong project needing constant improvement Acceptable Unacceptable Why Patients Get Plastic Surgery "I paid with plastic… Put it on a card. It only cost six grand so it isn’t too bad. " " I can understand Botox...
The logical part of me says no, why would I take on the risk if it is not life-threatening? But…
As I get older, I can see myself putting more and more money into myself. I pay a ton for facial moisturizer and creams, more than I ever did." \ Pursuit of independent expression through the medium of radio: Enriching the community with original music and dialogue
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