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Among the Hidden

Coles Notes

Ila Ball

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden
Plot summary
Plot Summary
Luke was very scared. Jen's Dad told him that there was a secret door at the back of the closet. Luke made his way to the back of the closet while Jen's Dad and the Police talked. They wanted to search the house because they had been informed that someone was using the chat room. After they found nothing they left.
Plot Summary
Rising Action:
Luke left Jens house and was really mad at her because she told him she didn't have time for him. Luke wished that Jen got shot at the rally. He then was very mad at himself for saying that.
Novel Review
I really enjoyed the book "Among the Hidden." One of my favorite parts was when Luke told Jen's dad that she waned to live, not die, not hide, but live. I thought that was a good way to say what Jen wanted. I also liked the way Luke's brothers made an effort to play with him, but at the same time be all mean. This made it seem like they were still normal brothers, however if i had a sibling like Luke I would want to be extremely nice to them. I also really liked how Luke's mom always tried to be positive and remind him of all of the good things that have happened to him. These and other reasons made me enjoy this book. Although i sort of like how it ended and sort of wish that the rally was successful.
Setting / Atmosphere
Jen's House:
By: Ila Ball
Coles Notes
Plot Summary
Antecedent Action:
Luke, the main character, used to always play outside and help his parents on the farm or in the garden. Luke also thought that when he was as old as his brothers he could ride in the car or go to town, but he never got because he is a third child. The only other person Luke had seen, while hiding under the sink, was a tramp asking for food. On his birthdays Luke wished for a chance to ride into town in the truck, have friends, play in the front yard, or go to school.
Luke watched the woods come down before his mother called inside. Luke was savoring his last few moments outside. The woods were coming down so a new community could be built, because of this Luke could not go outside anymore. He could be seen, this was dangerous because he was a third child. Third children were illegal. Luke didn't even know what would happen if he was seen. When ever anyone knocked on the door Luke's chair was pulled away from the table and put in the corner, and Luke had to hide in his room, which was also the attic. Luke's brother, Matthew and Mark, complained about homework and spelling which made Luke glad he couldn't go to school, but they also talked about friends and recess. Luke wished he could go to school.
Luke is no longer able to eat with his family because people could see inside his house. Luke's mother then got a job so Luke had to spend everyday in his room by himself. Luke found out that he could look out the vents and see outside. One day he saw a face in a window that had already had two children. Luke got very excited and wanted to do something about it.
Rising Action:
Luke watches for the face and then decides that he needs to meet the person. Luke chose a day before the leaves fell off the tree to run to the Sports Family's house, he called it this because the two boys always had foot balls or hockey gear with them. Luke took a chance by going to see the person he saw in the window. He was extremely scared while he was out in the open. He had to rip through the screen door to get into the house and when he saw the person at a computer he was shocked to see it was a girl. The girl tackled Luke and when she asked why she should release him and he responded "population police." Luke found out that the girls name was Jen, she was a baron. Luke got to try junk food for the first time. Jen also lent him books to read about the government and the population disaster. Luke went to see Jen when ever he could. Jen was planning a rally for third children. She was going to drive their family's car to the government building and protest. Jen had a chat room so she could talk to other third children. The others were going to cme to the rally with Jen. Luke was worried that he would get hurt, he was also scared.
Luke couldn't sleep, it was the night Jen was leaving for the rally. Luke tossed and turned all night and woke up sweating to the sound of someone walking on the stairs. He heard Jen's voice through the darkness. Luke's parent had left the doors unlocked so Jen got inside the house. Luke told her he still couldn't go. "It's people like you who change history. People like me-we just let things happen to us." this is what Luke told Jen before she left his house. Jen had come to say that Luke had been a good friend.
Luke listened to the radio whenever he could to see what happened at the rally. He finally got so anxious that he decided to go back to Jen's house. He broke in and turned off the alarm like Jen had showed him. Luke was calling her name and looking through the house. He tried to log into the chat room and ask where Jen was. Suddenly, Luke heard someone behind him. It was Jen's Dad. Jen's Dad told Luke that only forty kids showed up to the rally and that they were all shot, Jen had died. Luke was very upset. Jen's Dad asked Luke if he wanted a fake I.D. When Luke asked how he could do that, Luke found out that Jen's Dad worked for the Population Police. After Jen's Dad explained the population law to Luke there was a knock on the door, it was the Population Police.
Falling Action:
Jen's Dad opened up the closet and told Luke, by writing on a piece of paper, that the house had been bugged, so they couldn't talk. He asked Luke if he wanted the fake I.D. and Luke said yes. He wanted to help third children by finding ways to grow more food, he wanted to do it for Jen.
Luke explained everything about the first time he wen to Jen's to the last time to his parents. They were upset, but understood that Luke needed to go. Luke said goodbye to his parents and left his house forever to be Lee Grant and help third children around the world.
Some people will do whatever it takes to help others.
"There was something strange in Jen he couldn't quite understand, that made her willing to sacrifice herself to help others. Or to try to."
The book showed many times when Jen would help people, like when she cut her hand to coverup the blood on the carpet from Luke's hand. Jen seemed like she new the rally would fail but she still tried, so that other third children could have a better life.
You are not living until you are free.
"She wanted to live. Not die. Not hide. Live."
Luke always tried to make the best of what he had, but he never was truly happy unless he was outside and able to play and move without fear of being seen. The author communicated this in a way that mad us feel something.
"Even with the blinds blocking every window, the room he entered was airy and bright. From the freshly painted walls to the sparkling glass table to the polished wood floor, everything looked new. It reminded him of a word he'd never heard, only read: "pristine." Nobody had ever stepped on these white rugs with manure-covered boots. Nobody had ever sat on those pale blue couches with corn-dust-covered jeans." -Pg. 57
The author gave us colours of some objects and also textures and words describing the items. Which gave me a clear vision of what Jen's house looks like.
Luke started comparing his house to Jens's house. He was in awe of Jen's furniture and the style of the house.
Luke's Room:
"Luke's room was also the attic, a fact he had never minded. Mother long ago had shoved all the trunks and boxes as far as they could go under the eaves, leaving prime space for Luke's brass bed and circular rag rug and books and toys. -Pg. 13
The author stated what type of bed Luke had and a basic outline of how his room was set up. It showed that his house was not as new or fancy as Jen's. There was room for us to imagine what colours would be in the room.
The setting of Jen's house would influence the atmosphere to be more happy because of the nice light colours. The setting of Luke's room make the atmosphere more sad because it shows that Luke's family has a sort of small house, but at the same time his room is very cozy and comfortable.
Luke is trying to decide if he should go to the house he saw the face in. Luke knows how dangerous it would be if he went, but at the same time feels like this is his only chance to meet another person.
Luke is also trying to decide if he should go to the rally with Jen. He knows that there is chance he will die or that his family will be punished, but also wants to protect Jen, make a difference, and be free.
Person vs. Society:
Jen went to the rally to protest against the population law. When she arrives there she is shot by the police because she and the others were third children and were protesting.
Person vs. Person:
Jen and Luke argue about whether or not Luke should go to the rally.
All of the third children have to hide from the government or they will be punished.
Character Analysis
Descriptive Words
Luke always thinks before he does something
"Luke watched the Sports Family
house constantly after that. Before he
had just looked out the back in the early
morning and late afternoon, when he knew people
weren't about. But he'd seen the face at two o'clock.
Maybe the other kid knew the rhythms of the neighborhood, too, and let his guard down only during the times he considered safe."

"Real life was outdoors. But so
was danger. And the longer he stayed
out, the greater the danger..."
he told himself
. There's not a soul
around to see you.
Still, he waited, staring at the blades of grass just beyond his feet. He'd been taught all his life to fear open spaces like the one in front of him. It faced dozens of windows. He'd never stepped foot in any place that public, even if it was deserted. Still hidden by the barn he made himself inch his foot forward. Then he drew it back."

"But I have to
, he
muttered fiercely, and crept alongside
the barn before making his dash for Jen's
house. He had to rip the screen and break the pane of one of the Talbot's windows, which he felt bad about. But it didn't matter. if Jen was there, she could think of an excuse. And if she wasn't...if she wasn't, he'd never be back at the Talbot's again."
Luke had the guts to go to Jen's house
Luke wanted to find out who was in the house.
Luke wanted to know if Jen was alive and to make sure she was okay
This shows that Luke is Curious because he constantly watched the house for any signs of the person he saw in the window. He wanted to know if there actually was another person.

Luke wanted to go over to the
house and meet the person... "He
began waking up every morning in a cold
sweat, thinking,
Maybe today. Do I dare?
" "He
could hear the blood pounding in his ears. He moved in a daze. Off his perch. Down the stairs.
Into the kitchen. And then-out the back door."

This shows that Luke was very courageous going to the Sports Family house because if anyone saw him he could be taken away from his family or killed. He would be out in the open where he wasn't allowed.
This shows that Luke is cautious because he is very concerned about people seeing him and
wants to stay hidden even though he is
This shows that Luke is caring because he was willing to break into their house just to see if Jen was alright, and that he was desperate to know if she was okay.
Descriptive Words
Jen cares about the lives of other third children.
"Okay, okay, so nobody's going
to be caught on the way to the capital.
But once you're there, at the president's
house, someone will call the Population Police,
and then- Luke felt panicky just thinking about it.
Jen wasn't fazed. So what? she asked. I don't care
who gets called once were there. Heck, I may call the Population Police myself. They're not going to do anything to a crowd of a thousand, especially not when lots of us are related to Government officials. We'll make them listen to us. We're a revolution!"
"Jen began typing furiously.
who needs a fake I.D.? Carlos they'd
probably get you one that says
"John Smith" and you'd have to spend the rest
of your life trying to pass as an Anglo. My parents
have been begging me to get a fake I.D. for years, but I won't until I can have one that says "Jen Talbot"
and is really
. Have you all forgotten about the rally? We're all gonna get real I.D.'s that say who we really are!!! WE AREN'T FAKES! WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HIDE!"
Jen wants to go to the government building an protest for illegal children, when she is also an illegal.
Jen was willing to sacrifice herself to help third children.
This shows that Jen had a very cray idea because she wanted to protest against armed men. She
also had a lot of faith that everyone would
show up.
This shows that Jen is caring because she does
not want anyone to have to settle for what they have, she wants them to be free.
"I think at first she thought
the rally would work, Luke told
Jen's dad. And then, ven when she
wasn't sure... she still had to go. She wouldn't call it off. Why? Jen's dad asked. He was sobbing. Did she want to die?"
This shows that Jen was giving because she was willing to sacrifice herself for the others and still wanted to be a leader. She wanted
to give to the third children by helping
them be free.
Figurative Language
Luke heard a "be-be-be-beep" coming from the end of the room, and then it turned into a "buzzzzzzz"
Luke talks about his life in hiding and Matthew and Mar life with school.
He'd been like some confused animal hibernating during nice weather.
Jen said there would be a thousand third children at the rally.
Luke saw a tree shudder and fall.
The conflict added intense or suspenseful moments and also some drama or sad parts.
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