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gioiamarghe gm

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of firenze

Florence The trip to Florence (from wednesday the 7th to friday the 9th.) WEDNESDAY
THE 7th Friday the 9th Not only for learning, but also for socialize This is the first day in Florence, in this day we saw:
~Palazzo Davanzati,
~Palazzo Strozzi,
~Palazzo Strozzini,
~Il Porcellino,
~Mercato nuovo,
~IL Duomo di Santa Maria Del Fiore. This is the second day in Florence, in this day we saw:
~Palazzo Vecchio
~Ponte Vecchio
~Gli Uffizi
~La Torre Di Giotto
~Piazza Michelangelo This is the third, and last day in Florence,
in this day we saw: THE BUILDING The Building The building The fountain The place The Church Inside the building In the internal garden The internal garden The dome THURSDAY THE 8TH The building Inside the Building The building The "vasariano" hall The building Many statues Many paintings The building Inside The bell tower The sight from the bell tower Day Night San Minato The building Inside Giardino del Boboli The garden FOUNTAINS Palazzo Pitti The building Inside The Building -Example of residential architecture
-It was of Davizzi family
-The topmost floor has a loggia -To build this building 15 houses were demolished
-It has a cubed form
-It has a "bugnato" facade -Name that comes from "strozzini" (bankers, that give money, but they asked more money of what they original gave) -In the beginning it was only a statue of a boar, but than the family De Medici used this statue as a fountain.
-It was very important because the water that was there was drinkable, so the population came there to drink, so they had water. -Renaissance-style
-There is the "porcellino"
-Very famous for shopping -It's the Cathedral of Florence
-It has a dome of Brunelleschi
-The dome is the biggest of all Italy
-It is painted by a lot of artistes -Originally called priors
-external finish of rustication
-It has 3 different floors _one of the symbols of Florence
-the exclusive use of round crossing
-Crosses the Arno River sd -important Italian Museum important Italian Museum
-houses a collection of works of art
-Divided into various rooms set up for schools -Giotto provided the original design of the Bell Tower
-the Bell Tower of Santa Maria del Fiore -located in one of the highest places of Florence
-San Miniato was the first martyr of the city. -the historic park of the city of Florence. -is the Palace of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, already inhabited by doctors
-Luca Pitti was rival of the Medici family and wanted a more lavish residence 2mD: Federico, Margherita, Niccolò ,Giacionta, Alexander, Gioia, Daniel, Sofia, Alice, Silje, Tommaso, Edoardo, Lucrezia, Matteo, Luca, Leonardo, Filippo (anche se purtroppo non c'era...) To Revise...
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