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Copy of Introduction to Film Study - Camera Shots

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Crystal Harrigan-Barry

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to Film Study - Camera Shots

Introduction to Film Study Terminology - Camera Shots. Specific camera techniques are used in films to enforce a particular mood, theme or convention.

The following are the technical names for camera shots and movements as well as some examples. It is important to use the correct terminology in your expositions in order to achieve a higher mark. Long Shot Medium Long shot Mid-Shot Close-Up Extreme Close up Extreme Long Shot A broad view of the entire setting. Almost all of the body is in frame. View of the complete scene (background still dominates the human body) Shows from the waist up to the head. shows only a small portion of detail or magnifies something small. Shows only the face of the person Medium Angle Low Angle High Angle the camera is placed above the object. the camera is placed normally, at eye level. used where the viewer will look up to someone All of these elements contribute to the photographic factor of the film and combine with music, sound, lighting, special effects, costume/ props, narrative and acting to present a story to the audience. They are chosen specifically and symbolize mood and theme to support the story. High Key Lighting Very bright, few shadows
Creates a buoyant mood Low Key Lighting Deep contrasts, gives an eerie ominous feeling Front lighting May suggest innocence Bottom Light
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