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Brain Pop / GameUp

No description

Murat Sumer

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Brain Pop / GameUp

Brain Pop / GameUp
What is BrainPop?

What is the context of use?

Pros and Cons

Brain Pop
You've probably seen first-hand how absorbing digital games can be for young minds. What if you could re-create that level of engagement in the classroom? By bringing the world of game-based learning into education - through GameUp - we're doing just that. Educational games add a new way to captivate students and help them learn in a manner that's meaningful for them.
Context of Use
In traditional, blended, and "flipped" learning settings, BrainPOP
individual, team, and whole-class learning.
At school and in informal learning environments, the characters help

new topics
and illustrate complex concepts.
Teachers and students can
keep a record
of learning accomplishments through quizzes, game play, and activities.
A great fit for
mobile learning
(Bring Your Own Device) classrooms,
Learning Goals;

to motivate and provide goals for learners
to encourage participation
to foster creative, interactive problem-solving skills
to strengthen critical and systems thinking

providing lesson plans
to combine their teaching skills and technology tools.

keeping a record
of learning accomplishments through quizzes, game play, and activities.

choosing appropriate materials
for their students,


different versions
for different country users such as UK, US, France, and Spain.

authentic learning environment
motivates students to learn and engage in learning. For example, selling ice cream or lemonade.

well-categorized (math, science, etc.)

anywhere, any time.

Category is not arranged well. (Math; algebra and geometry)

Even though each game has their own level setting, there is no level setting for each subject.

Some of the games have no clear learning goals for students.
Suggestions for Games
There’s no criteria or standard to make sure whether the learners achieve the learning goal.

It is free, but teachers should pay for creating a group for their students to get their learning records.
should be categorized by learning goals clearly.
should establish a complete level system (from beginner to advanced).
add tags on each of the game (addition, word problems, etc.).
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