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100 Words

No description

Kayla Crosue

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of 100 Words

Jut Jut: to extend sharply outward
or upward; project For some reason whenever there is something jutting off the table I find some way to knock it off. Luminous Luminous: giving off
light; shining Unless I stood on the cold floor away from the
luminous light, my friends would see me. 100 Words By: Kayla Crouse Muster Muster: to bring forth a feeling
or ability from within oneself Outlandish Outlandish:
unconventional; strange Although I didn't want to run the mile,I had
to muster up the courage to run it anyway. While in choir, I noticed that the girl
in the corner was very outlandish. Momentum Momentum:
a quanity used to measure the motion
of a body, equal to the product of its mass
and velocity Though it was the end of the race, I couldn't
stop running because of my momentum.
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