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The Invasion of the West

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on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Invasion of the West

The Invasion of the West
From around 30000 BC to 1492 AD only Native Americans lived in North America
Between 1492 and 1840 Europeans settled on the East coast
From 1800 the US government started to buy or fight for more land
New title page:
The Native Americans

By 1840 the numbers of Native Americans had dramatically declined
However, there were vast areas of land that the Native Americans still occupied (eg. The Great Plains)
Title: What impression do we have of Native Americans?
Draw a spider diagram in your book with 'Native Americans' in the centre.
Add any ideas about Native Americans you already have
Study the images below closely and add any extra ideas
Stereotypes of Native Americans
There are many stereotypes of the Native Americans. Many come from 'Westerns, Watch the clip below

1. Answer the following question in your book. How were the Native Americans stereotyped?
Copy the following bullet points into your books
Question: What were the 'Great Plains?' Look in the textbook and add this term to your keywords page
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