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Plant communication and intelligence

No description

Mr. Stack

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Plant communication and intelligence

Plant Communication and Intelligence
Plant Intelligence
What is Intelligence
Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
Why plants respond to human touches
1st off plants respond to pain.
Plants respond to pain because they are scared.
They also close up to humans because they think that we are harmful bugs
They close up to protect them self
When they are in pain electrical signals go through their stem
In conclusion plants respond to things that touch them so the plant does not get hurt.
Plants communicate for growing
Intelligent vine intentionally wrapping around the pole.
Plants are smart!!
If you think plants are not smart, well then think again. Some people have not really paid a lot of attention or maybe no attention at all to plants. You should pay attention to plants. Some people made a device and put it into the soil of the plant. When the plant needed water it called the owners phone and said that they needed water. There is more information about this on the next slide .
Plants are smart
Plants can communicate by different things.
Like you just saw in the video plants can communicate to people. But plants can also communicate by fungi. The reason plants communicate by fungi is to communicate with other plants. They are also trying to help each other survive. They will also connect one plant to another plant. Their roots would connect to each other to also help them grow.
The Mother Tree
What we call the Mother tree is the oldest tree in the forest. The Mother tree is the one that is connected to the most tree and the one that communicates the most by fungi. The Mother tree can even be connected to the trees that are at the edge of the forest if the Mother tree is in the middle of the forest. The Mother tree can also be networked/connected to every tree in the forest.
Thank You For Listening!!

Thank you for listening
What works with what in a forest
Fungi and trees work together
After fungi works with trees the roots of the tree works with other roots in a different tree
After the Mother tree has connected with one or two trees then those trees connect with other trees to form a network/connection of trees to communicate with each other
Plants respond to pain.
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