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Islam by DJ, Alison, Justin, and Victoria

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Michael Corvello

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Islam by DJ, Alison, Justin, and Victoria

Islam Prezi

By: Justin Peck, Alison Hechler, DJ Bobowick, and Victoria Stevenson
The Islamic Center of America
This big picture we have in the background is the largest mosque in North America and the oldest in the United States. It is a Shia Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is often called the "heart of Shiism" because of it's large Shia population.
History of the Mosque
The Islamic Center of America was founded by Muhammad Jawad Chirri in 1963. Muhammad was the director until he died in 1994. The current leader is Hassan Al-Qazwini.
Muslim Information
Islam believers are called Muslims
Muslims are strict monotheists (one-god believers)
The Muslims believe in a god named Allah
Muslims speak Arabic
Their sister religions are Jewish and Christian
This is the symbol of Allah. Muslims find it rude to draw an actual human drawing of him because gods don't take shapes. So instead, Allah is known as a symbol. Since the Muslims only believe in one god, the proper name for them are monotheists.
Muhammad is Islam's main prophet. He led about 1,000 followers and pilgrims to Mecca. Muhammad was believed to have started Islam. His main message was to teach that there was no other god but Allah. He also taught every Muslim that they should lead their lives in a way that would please Allah.

The word of god for Muslims is called the Quran (koo-rahn). The Quran is like the Bible is to Christainity or the Torah is to Judaism. The Quran is written in Arabic.
The Quran
Five Pillars
These five pillars represent the beliefs of Muslims.
Prayer Routines
First Pillar:
Second Pillar:
Third Pillar:
Fourth Pillar:
Fifth Pillar:
Muslims pray to Allah five times a day. They pray when they wake up, in the morning, noon, evening, and before they go to bed.
Works Cited
We would like to give credit to the following websites for accurate information.
Thank you!
Where is Islam Practiced?
Islam is practiced all over the world, but it is biggest in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. On the map above, purple represents Islam. As you can see,
it covers almost all of the Middle East
and about half of Africa.
The Shahada explains that
no god is worthy of worship
except Allah, and that
Muhammad was his
The Salat means that
you must pray five times
a day facing Mecca.
The Sawm is a holy
month of Ramadan (like a long month of Lent for the Christians) and Eid Mubarak, which is a massive celebration.
The Hajj states that you
must go to Mecca (to circle around the holy rock) once a lifetime for pilgrimage.
Once this is complete, you
become a Hajji, this means you wear all white.
The Zakat states that you must tithe, or give 2.5% of your profit to the Mosque for the poor.
The Beginning of Islam
An angel named Jibril (Gabriel) called down to Muhammad while he was meditating one day an said, "You are the messenger of God." In 610 CE, Muhammad began the religion of Islam, in order to follow Allah's request. Muhammad began teaching people about Allah, and received messages from Allah ever since.
On Earth, there are currently 1.2 billion Muslims (1,200,000,000 people) and about 7 million of them live in the United States. Muhammad is the leader of the Islam religion and his followers continue to tell Muslims about Allah's word, and how to continue being a practicing Muslim.
Current Day Islam
Thanks For Watching!
I hope you enjoyed our presentation about the great religion of Islam.
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Mr.Corvello's Islam PowerPoint
Mr. Corvello's Basic Beliefs of Islam
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