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People Working On Projects

MASK Presentation based on Roel Grit's Project Management: A Practical Approach, 'People Working On Projects'. By: Gaffar Rampage Raven McFarlane Mark Wittebol

Gaffar Rampage

on 12 October 2011

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Transcript of People Working On Projects

People Working On Projects Gaffar Raven Mark by Raven McFarlane, Mark Wittebol and Gaffar Rampage Conclusion Line Organisation
Project Organisation
Future Users
Project Manager Team Agreements
Making Decisions
Related Projects Project Members
Leadership Styles
Working on a Project
Belbin Team Roles
Tools for Collaboration Board of Directors Purchasing Production Sales Line Organisation National International Marketing Organisational chart Staff
Department Project Organisation Project Group
Project Management Project Manager
Project Members
Sponsor Client Future Users Users
Users' contribution to end project 1 2 3 4 Project Manager 5 Responsibilities Competencies Project Manager
Program Manager Leadership skills
Negotiation skills
Main/side issues
Elimination of risks
Creating a project plan
Organisational skills
Expertise in the plan Management (internal focus)
Management (external focus)
Organisation of project plan
External communication
Efficient delegation of work
Budget monitoring Team Agreements Consequences Communication Opinions Roles 11 Brainstorming 12 No good or bad ideas
No criticising
Combine ideas
Other Methods Nominal Method Mind-mapping Chairperson Experienced Introduces Takes charge Notes ideas Negotiating 13 Situations Tips Budget
Be professional
Show understanding
Avoid conflics Majority Vote Consensus Lack of Response Making Decisions Unanimity Authority Automatic Approval 14 Related Projects 15 Board of Directors Steering Commitee Project Project Project = Program ? ? ? Making final decisions Creating clarity Authorisation Project value awareness Project meeting deliberation Responsibilities Progress Funds Quality Project Members 6 Competencies Responsibilities Task-oriented Deserter People-oriented Leadership Styles 7 Working on a Project 8 Job-hoppers Project plan Allocation of tasks Team-building Belbin Team Roles 9 Implementer Coordinator Shaper Plant-worker Resource-investigator Monitor/evaluator Team-worker Completer Line
Department Specialist Mix Tools for Collaboration 10 Agenda management
Sharing documents
Planning software
Virtual collaboration
Social networking 12th October 2011 Management Skills
Hogeschool InHolland Raven McFarlane
Mark Wittebol
Gaffar Rampage

Outside World
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