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No description

Dimitrius Bright

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Opium

Thank You!
What is Opium?
Lachryma papaveris, or opium, is a dried latex substance that comes from the Opium poppy seed. Opium contains morphine and can be processed into more dangerous drugs such as heroin.
Samaritans were the earliest people to cultivate the opium poppy plant.
Out of pure curiosity, the Samaritans chewed the poppy seed and experienced a calming high.
Over 5000 years ago the Opium poppy seeds were called, "hul gil", which meant joy plant.
in the 1800's, opium was used to "numb" a patient in the surgical field and in home use.
Opium is a depressant type of drug because it slows down your thoughts, heart rate, and breathing.
In order to make opium, it first has to go through a rigorous process of evaporating, drying, mixing, and molding before it can be correctly sold on the illegal market.
Opium really has no medical uses because the high is way too intense.
Opium can either be smoked through a bong and broken down into a liquid and directly entered in a vein.
Opium is starts of as a liquid based inside the poppy plant and is processed into a soft rock like material and can be kept that way and smoked in a bong or pipe, or it can be made into a liquid substance and "shot up" into a vein.
Interesting Facts
Slang terms: O.P. hop, midnight oil, tar, dope, and Big O.
The first pipes used to smoke opium were called dream pipes.
Opium farmers in foreign countries, take up to 15% of the legal farmed opium, and sells it on the illegal market.

History of Opium
By: Dimitrius Bright

Short and Long Term Affects
Short term affects:
You peak within the first 2 minutes you take opium
The peak is described as a rush at first because the alkaloids are going to your brain and distributing through your body. After this the body greatly relaxes and goes into a calm state.
Long term affects:
Your vital organ are almost bound to get destroyed by the first few times you take the drug.
Livers, and kidneys will fail no matter how the drug is consumed.
My Thoughts
After doing my research, I have come to find out that Opium is a very dangerous drug indeed. Opium can be formatted into other dangerous drugs and can be harmful in itself. It quickly can destroy organs and can cause a slow painful death. Because opium has no medical use, I believe there is no use for it. I also agree with the minimum 7 year jail time for possession or consumption of the drug.
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