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No description

Edison Student

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P7MA

RECIPE religion there was 2 main religions christianity and islam
another religion was slaive some people still use the greek and roman gods religion christans tried to get rid of the muslims
they either killed them or converting them envionment exact location is 50 degrees N 30 degrees E NW is cool and fair climate verys where you are
ME is warm and dry
the main mountain range was the Ural Mountains the main river is the Danube River culture they spoke 15 languages 7 different religions the games were the same as greece eygpt and rome they played dice, knucklebones marbles and checkers they played chess after paper cam around they usally wore linnen or wool tunics the old men wore tunics down to the ground inventions The Heavy Plough
Tidal Mills
The Hourglass
Blast Furnace
politics it was divided into many different states
each state had its own form of goverment there were 2 different empires 1 was the eastern roman empire and the other is the holy roman empire some parts of the northern italy was independent city states the goverment was called Feudelism
economy farming is the most important thing land was more important than money First, the Arabs had conquered the southern Mediterranean, including Spain, Sicily, and southern Italy by houston p7....... buh bye
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