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engy ibrahim

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Troubleshooting

BY:Engy Ibrahim First Second Third Fourth power:
-first thing is check the power.
-check and see if the cable is plugged in the wall.
-make sure the light in front of the computer is on.
-make sure all the cables are plugged in the computer from the back. Network connection: What is Melaware?
-pop-up adds
-spyware conclusion:
-think physical first.
-check all the cables.
-check your connection to the network.
-restart. The End TroubleShooting -check if the yellow cable is plugged in the computer.
-check if there is yellow and green light in the back of the computer.
-see if the i con in the back is lighting.
-shut down the computer and see if the network is can get back on
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