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What Is A Transsexual?

Informative Interactive Presentation on Transexuals to Uninformed College Students

Mandy Vogt

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of What Is A Transsexual?

What is a Transsexual? Transsexual? Describes someone who believes they were born with a body that has the opposite sex than what they were born with. Many transsexuals pursue surgery to match their psychological view of their sex. Many transsexuals desire to change their bodies although they are often not able to pursue sex change surgery. It is the desire to physically alter their body that makes someone a transsexual. Sex? Gender? Refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that society considers appropriate for men and women. The biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. Transgender? Broad term referring to an individual who's gender identity does not match the sex they were born as. Transgender people may or may not want to physically alter their bodies. Transgender includes transsexuals, as well as others who's sex and/or do not follow the norms. I conducted a survey to see what college students really know about transsexuals... Only 52% of the participants knew that a transsexual was one who has pursued a sex change surgery. Half of those participating in the survey were unsure whether transsexuals could reproduce. 39% of the participants correctly identified that the majority of transsexuals are heterosexual. Christine Jorgensen is a WWII GI who underwent sexual reassignment surgery in 1952 to match her gender identity Modern day sex reassignment surgery has been going on since the 1930s! Sex reassignment surgery does not happen over night. Individuals must undergo extensive psychological as well as hormonal therapy for a minimum of 1 year. Follow the link for more information http://www.wpath.org/ Surgery isn't cheap!
Sex reassignment surgery can cost over $50,000! Since individuals receive a medical diagnosis of gender identity
disorder before surgery can be performed, some insurance companies
will actually cover the cost. Really? Yes, they will! Gender identity disorder's classification by American Psychiatric
Association as a mental disorder permits insurance to cover it....this
is WILDLY CONTROVERSIAL! Random fact: CU's health insurance plan covers the surgery! Can transsexuals reproduce? What is sex reassignment surgery? Through plastic surgery genitals are reshaped to look like those of the opposite sex. For further information click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_reassignment_surgery The first famous sex reassignment surgery... Before a doctor would be willing to perform the surgery... How much does it cost?!?! Thomas Beatie is one of the most famous female to male (FTM) transsexuals. Since FTM transsexuals often still have ovaries and womb, they have the ability to reproduce through artificial insemination. Male to female (MTF) transsexuals are not able to reproduce. For further information about the subject check this out!
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