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Cultural Aspects of A Dolls House

No description

zakiya kudoos

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Aspects of A Dolls House

The Tarantella A dance originating from Italy. Origin Spider bite Saint Vitus Dance (tar·an·tel·la) Sins of the father Nora and her Father Dr.Rank and His Father Mrs. Linde and her Father The Role of Women in 19th Century Europe Compliment her partner Credit the husband
for all he has
provided her Mistress to the family Run the household Serve their fathers
and husbands Look after her
husband's affairs Bear children submissiveness Housekeeping Cooking Set a proper example
for her children Devoted to their families Loyal Servant rather than a wife Nurture Children Love, honor and
obey her husband Sacrifice herself DAILY attractive personality (charm) unselfish beautify herself Woman's occupation was Marriage Sing Play an instrument Dance Speak a second language (French, Italian) innocent youthful ignorant of intellectual opinion Weak helpless fragile incapable of making
her own decisions By: Farah, Zakiya and Khadijah A Doll House The Cultural Aspects of Typical Family Reading
Receiving Guests
Letter Writing
Seeing to the servants
Beautifying Herself for her Husband The Ideal Woman Spent Her Time She was Unable to... vote
sue or be sued
testify in court
legalize custody of children after divorce
advance their knowledge (sought knowledge at low ranking institutes)
and property belonged to husband after marriage Women in the Villages of Toranto &Tarantum Tarantella Dance “Little Nora, poor dear, had no mother but me” - Anne Marie Think about it:
Rising to individuality requires one to push and break boundaries, however, were these sacrifices worth fulfilling Nora’s self? Background information: Performed to woo spouses
Cure Sickness
Considered unlucky to dance alone What do the movements suggest ... We become presented with the idea of tainted love, were these women really loved for themselves or their image... Connection to Characters “i have no father to give me traveling money”
“no religion, no morals, no sense of duty” “ his father was a disgusting thing with mistresses and so on”
Biblical Reference Connection to Characters Children Influenced by Parents Nora and her father Nora and her Children Krogstad and his Children Rank and his Father Annmarie and Nora
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