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Our Dystopia

No description

sophia lussiez

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Our Dystopia

Our Future
1:15, http://www.myjibo.com
Will Jibo control us in the future?
Things like Jibo make our life easier. But, can it get too easy?
What are some side effects of technology?
How it Began
It began when the first computer was made in 1946. Since then technology has taken off, especially now that the huge corporation Saturn has started creating technology that can possibly take over our modern life style. This is what began our future.
Society in the future
Society in the Future
In the future no one has control over themselves
anymore. They sit around and have technology control them wherever they go. Its only a press of a button for a robot to get them a drink or snack.
There are electronic chairs, houses, robots and much more that does all of their work for them.
Our Future dystopia
Wall-e, Andrew Stanton, 2008,
51 seconds
The Fears of Today
Wifi, Julian Smith,July 8, 2014
This could be our future
What does the government do?
In our future ruled by the corporation Saturn, the government controls everyone through their electronic devices that they are on all the time. They can have their computers or robots report back everything that the people have done during the day and keep track of the money they spend or food they eat.
How our Dystopia started
Samantha was just like the rest of the computer controlled people until one day her computer shut off and she was separated from her so called life. It was then she realized that the way things were in her life were not okay. After shutting down all of her electronics she ventured outside and tried to fix what had become of her life.
lack of physical activity: Many people now spend all their time indoors on electronics separated from their outside world
less actual interactivity (talking face to face): As you will see in Junian Smith's movie "wifi", many people text or call instead of talking face to face even in the same room
taking peoples jobs leading to mass unemployment: There are robots made and being made such as Jibo that can take over peoples jobs and take away the money they earn themselves.

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Evolution of technology
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