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The Toy Boat

No description

Julia Volpato

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of The Toy Boat

Decreasing Turbulent Flow
We wanted our boat to flow smoothly so we built our boat to have a point in the front to increase speed and make it more efficient. Which makes our boat streamlined.
A fluid has no set shape and has flow. Liquids and gases are fluids.
Our boat will be using water as a fluid to move through.
What is a fluid?
-Are essential to life
-Are important component of many systems
-Have different properties that determine how they can be used.

Our toy boat is safe and environmentally friendly because:
- Our boat doesn't need any harmful fluids to make it move
- we used recyclable items to build our boat
- we did not create any harmful gases in the process of creating our boat

How our toy boat works
Why our toy is environmentally friendly
Buoyancy - is the upward supportive force on an object in a fluid. The buoyant force of the water is what keeps our boat floating. Buoyancy acts against gravity.

The materials we used to create our boat are:
Popsicle sticks
hot glue
1 pin
2 straws
saran wrap
plastic water bottles
step 1 - place boat in water
step 2 - put sail up
step 3 - blow on sail
The Toy Boat
By: Julia and Laryssa
Thank You
to build the walls
to stable the base
to hold the bottom of the boat together
to secure holes in the bottom of the boat
to secure the water bottles together
to glue the Popsicle sticks together
to secure the water bottles to the bottom of the boat
to create the sail
to create the propeller
to decorate the boat and to help it look appealing
we used saran wrap at the bottom of the boat to make sure that there are no leaks and that no water gets in the boat
to make the boat buoyant
to create a barrier between the wood and the water
the water bottles are filled with air and since air is lighter then water it will make the boat less dense.
to allow the propeller to turn
You can make our toy boat move in 3 simple steps
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