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Saint Dominic for Little Ones

A little booklet which describes the life and adventures of Saint Dominic

Stephanie Obeid

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Saint Dominic for Little Ones

St Dominic When Saint Dominic was a boy, he loved to learn. He went to school with his uncle, who was a priest and he loved his books. When Jane of Aza was pregnant with Dominic, she had a dream that Dominic was a dog and and he light the world alight. Dominic was born in
Caleruega, Spain. His
mother was Jane of
Aza and his father was Felix De Guzman. After primary school, Dominic attended the University of Palencia. After finishing University,
he met Bishop Diago.
Dominic learnt a lot from
the bishop, and the bishop
soon became one of Dominic's role model. Jane Of Aza's Plaque Felix De Guzman Bishop Diago Dominic traveled around to many cities, telling everybody about God. He helped people understand more about Christianity. Saint Dominic was a very good speaker and he had a clean mind. He listened to people stories and they listened to his When Saint Dominic finished university he gave away his money, sold his clothes, furniture and even his precious books so he could help the poor. Saint Dominic planted an orange tree at Santa Sabina in Rome and it is 800 years old. Men joined Saint Dominic in preaching. They were known as his brothers. In 1221, Saint Dominic got sick with a disease called Malaria. His brothers carried him up the hill of Santa Maria Del Monte. However, Saint Dominic didn't want to go up the hill, so his brothers took him back down. Saint Dominic created a group of women who were know as Dominicans. He built them a house and taught them about God. Dominic's symbol is a dog with a torch in his mouth and a star. Afterwards, the Dominican's preached to people just like Dominic. The Dominican sisters let more women join their preaching work. When Bishop Diago heard that Dominic had died, the pope gave him a church, Santa Sabina. Saint Dominic died while the brothers were taking him back down the hill. He was buried in Basilica di San Domenico in Bologna, Italy. St Dominic was a good man. He preached to the poor and always helped them. He also helped people understand more about christianity and God. He believed in God, and God believed in him.
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