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No description

nicala merritt

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Hawii

HAWAII climate Things to do getting there places to eat, what to eat where l am staying why l want to go there Safety concerns We will get there by air. Cost there and back , is $568 each way. hawaiian airlines The cost would be $158 a night. staying there for 7 days Royal Kona Resort Right on the beach. Tanning on the beach Swimming in the ocean maui tacos hawaii steakhouse california pizza kitchen hukilau cafe dolphin encounters Happy dinner show wind surfing & kit boarding golf bike ride & volcano watching Pearl Harbor Tour

Whale & Dolphin Watching air plane tours Hawaii weather is mild all year round
with temperatures ranging from 75F to 88F The months of April – September tend to
have less rain than the months of October – March. Temperatures in Hawaii are very stable because it is surrounded by a vast, warm ocean If the air comes from a cooler place, it warms up.
If it comes from a warmer place, it cools off.
l want to go there because l never went before nice and warm lots of things to do there looks like lots of fun! No Emergency Services. In case of emergency, someone must hike out for help or signal a passing helicopter or boat. There is no cellular phone coverage for the Na Pali Coast.

Ocean Swimming. Swimming, wading, and bodysurfing are not recommended unless you are an experienced swimmer familiar with local conditions. Surf and currents are variable and can be treacherous even during summer. There are no lifeguards.

really pretty. very nice beachs and water is very blue and clean
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