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Ideal Gifted Program

No description

Nick Hussain

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Ideal Gifted Program

By Julie Hubbard, Nick Hussain, Ann LoCicero, Jennifer Murphy, Katharine Peterson The Ideal Gifted Program Reasons to go Paperless
Improved learning environment
Improved organization
More efficient
Save the Earth? Reasons to go paperless No Internet
Student can erase file IMS General Schedule Basic Information: Middle school grades 6-8 with a diverse population (socially, economically, racially)

Each grade level setup in teams of 3 to 4 teachers with 1 class of gifted students homogeneously grouped within the team Curriculum Curriculum Based on the GPS

Grades 6-7
gifted students will receive enrichment in science, social studies, and language arts
they will receive acceleration and enrichment in math

Grade 8:
gifted students will receive enrichment and acceleration in all subjects Team sports, P.E. for Life, Health, visual art, computer literacy/applications, agriscience and horticulture, band, jazz band, orchestra, family and consumer science, drama, photography, creative writing, dance, foreign languages (Spanish, French, and/or Japanese) Exploratories options Content teachers are required to have gifted endorsement

Gifted lead teachers collaborate with gifted classroom teachers to develop enrichment and acceleration of existing curriculum Staffing Yearly field trip by each team to a location that supports an integrated unit (ex. water treatment plant)

Collaborate with professionals in to present about using a specific subject in their field


Required social studies fair or science fair

Drama productions in collaboration with fine arts department Community resources (ex. using math in engineering) IMS School Map The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) criteria of gifted education programming is embedded in the goals at Ideal Middle School. These goals are:

1. To provide training for teachers of gifted students.

2. To provide differentiated instruction and stimulate higher level processes.*

3. To implement and maintain system-wide identification procedures.

4. To measure student progress and program effectiveness.*

5. To effectively communicate, encourage involvement and with students, parents, and the community.*

6. To continue to engage in professional development opportunities to maintain expertise in gifted education. IMS Mission and Goals IMS Rationale We believe:
Education is the key to a successful future.

High expectations promote academic excellence.

Gifted students come from all backgrounds and possess unique abilities.

Gifted students' abilities differ from their peers to such a degree that differentiated curricula and instructional techniques are necessary.

In order to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented students, the IMS offers gifted programming that is qualitatively different from the regular school curriculum to challenge gifted students to achieve their highest potential.
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