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The Feudal System

A brief over view of the European Feudal System introduced in the 8th Century

Heather Moncrieff

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Feudal System

The way Europe was run.... The Feudal System In Medieval Europe, the system for organizing how land would be used and for controlling the people was called the Feudal System or Feudalism Charlemagne - the leader at the time - (AD747 - 814) introduced Feudalism in the 8th century to help control large areas of land in Gaul (France) Feudalism spread as Charlemagne gained more land in Western and Central Europe Feudalism helped countries become stronger and provided people with a sense of protection. It also placed many restrictions and controls on the way people lived their lives. Feudalism in England: Under the Feudal system William claimed all of England's land as his own He then divided up the land to reward those who had been loyal to him ad to gain promises of future support. Because during this period the amount of land someone owned was the main sign of his or her power or influence. William of Normandy (later William the Conqueror) introduced Feudalism in 1066 William gave his half brother Bishop Odo de Conteville 400 estates ---> the bishop then divided these among other knights who had fought alongside William
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