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Life in australia 1900-1914

No description

Sanam Orya

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Life in australia 1900-1914

Life in Australia 1900-1914. By: Sanam Orya Occupation Fashion and Dress What did they do for fun?? Mens fashion Womens wear Mens Occupations Womens occupation What were the houses like? How did they travel? Transport Transport in those days were a lot less availability than today in modern time, it has multiplied by a large amount. In the time 1900-1914 there wasn't any motor cars or electrical cars there were all horse powered carriages. There were also steam and coal powered trains and trams. In this time private carriages and transport were only owned by the rich if you did not own any there were public transports available. Housing in the 1900-1914 were mostly very basic homes,
they were usually one story homes but if you were catergorised as 'rich' you had a large house designed and made best. There were buildings with over two stories known as hotels, bars or salons. Women were usually teachers or maids, women had to work at factories and created products, this job was for ,women who were poor and had no choice, but unlike men women didn't have much work choices. if you were rich you didn't work especially as a women. Mens jobs were mostly being a soldier, work at an office, mailman etc.
men were expected to work, it was a status that all men required, especially men with families or wives. if you were rich you didn't need to work much but still had to, to maintain money. For fun people went in picnics at the park, they went holidays and etc. they also had horse racing as entertainment and other activities. Men wore very plain things on casual days,but even on formal occasions a plain suit is worn. Men wore slender clothes like coats and straight cut pants. women who are richwear big detailed dresses and coats and expensive shoes, while onthe other hand, lower class peoplewore less larger clothes and some who are poor where much less designed clothes and shoes. So.. how did people live in the time 1900-1914?? In this image it shows a train station with people waiting as the steam/coal train stops. This image shows a private carriage with a family on board. This image shows a public carriage. Public carriages are two levels, similar to a bus. Housing This home would be catergorised as a rich home This home is an average type of home. People who who didn't have much money they had homes like this This picture shows a factory of working women creating and putting together products. This shows soldiers marching in order, this is one of mens jobs. A rich woman would wear this or a performer Typical men in the 1900-1914 The typical man and woman in the 1900's Leisure activities A picnic in those times, a group sittig in the shade at a park. A race horse is being taken care of in this image Rich families could travel, like this image showing a man at New Zealand Well this is how they lived sooo.. THE
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