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CSB/SJU Music Department

No description

CSB/SJU Music Department

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of CSB/SJU Music Department

CSB/SJU Music Department
Vocal Ensembles
Chamber Choir
Instrumental Ensembles
Department Faculty
Department Chair: Brian Campbell
Department Coordinator: Deb Guertin
Who Are We?
No matter your interests— vocal or instrumental, jazz or classical—we have opportunities that will let you stretch yourself musically. We have the facilities, the environment and the community to support your musical interests.
Our philosophy is "Find Your Music Within."
Keyboard Professors
Prof. Lisa Drontle: Piano/Class Piano
Dr. Amy Grinsteiner: Piano
Dr. Kim Kasling: Organ/Liturgical Music/Music History
Fr. Robert Koopmann, OSB: Piano
Prof. Yauheniya Trubnikava: Piano
Dr. Edward Turley: Piano, Music Appreciation
Prof. David Jenkins: Organ
Voice Professors
Instrumental Professors
Theory Professors
Dr. David Arnott: Upper Strings/Orchestras/Instrumental Techniques/Chamber Ensembles

Dr. Rachel Brandwein: Harp

Prof. Mark Kausch: Double Bass/Viola de Gamba/Chamber Ensembles

Dr. Lucia Magney: Cello/Chamber Ensembles

Dr. O. Nick Raths: Guitar/Guitar Ensemble/Theory Lab

Dr. Patti Cudd: Percussion/Percussion Ensemble

Dr. Richard Dirlam: Saxophone/Saxophone Ensembles

Prof. Daniel Rassier: Adjuct Brass/Symphonic Band

Dr. Bruce Thornton: Woodwinds/Jazz Ensemble/Instrumental Techniques

Prof. Justin T. Zanchuk: Wind Ensemble/Pep Band/Brass Choir/Brass/Brass Methods/Instrumental Conducting

Prof. Deirdre Harkins: Oboe
Dr. Brian Campbell: Department Chair/Theory/Composition/Theory Labs/Electronic Music/Music Appreciation

Dr. Gregory Walker: Theory/Composition/Electronic Music/First Year Symposium

Dr. O. Nicholas Raths: Theory Labs
Men's Chorus
Women's Choir
Internation Choir
All-College Choir
Opera Workshop
The CSB/SJU Chamber Choir is the select mixed-voice touring ensemble at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. The group, consisting of around 50 auditioned singers, performs high-caliber choral masterworks. The choir performs several times a year and tours regularly - regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Chamber Choir is directed by Dr. Axel Theimer.

"I don't think of music as a class or choir, but as a lifestyle."
~Dr. Axel Theimer
The Saint John's University Men's Chorus is the select male voice touring ensemble of the College of St. Benedict and Saint John's University. In addition to several performances each year at CSB/SJU and singing at every home football game, the Men's Chorus tours regionally and nationally. The SJU Men's Chorus is directed by Dr. Axel Theimer.

"We get to a level of performance where it just pours out of you and becomes a reflection of your emotions."
~Dr. Axel Theimer
The Women's Choir is a select women's chamber ensemble open to all female students at The College of Saint Benedict. Consisting of about 30 vocalists, the choir excels in performance of choral music for women's voices. The choir gives two feature concerts a year, and performs with the Chamber Choir and Men's Chorus at both the annual Christmas at St. John's concerts and the combined spring concert. The Women's Choir tours regularly and is directed by Dr. Susan Cogdill. Admission is by audition only.
The International Choir consists of singers from the Chamber Choir, Men's Chorus, and Women's Choir who rehearse together outside of the usual ensembles to tour and perform internationally. Most recently, the group toured Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria in the Spring of 2010. Other past tours include Japan, Korea, China, and Hong Kong in 2005 and Central Europe in 2001.
The choir will tour again during May 2015.
The All-College Mixed Choir and the All-College Women's Choir are CSB/SJU's two non-auditioned choral ensembles. These ensembles are a wonderful way for students who enjoy singing to keep music in their lives without the heavy time commitment of the auditioned choirs. The All-College Choirs perform twice each semester - one campus liturgy and one feature concert. The All-College Choirs are directed by Allan Hawkins.
The CSB/SJU Opera Workshop provides an opportunity for students to give in-depth study, practice, and presentation of classical and contemporary works of opera and musical theater. The group regularly stages full operas as well as revues and excerpts from a variety of stage works. Participation is by audition only and requires the consent of the directors, Dr. Carolyn Finley and Tom Speckhardt. Interested students should register for MUSC 358 for 0-2 credits.
Pep Band
Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Chamber Ensembles
Brass Choir
Brass Quintet
Clarinet Ensemble
Chamber Orchestra
Euphonium Quartet
String Chamber Ensembles
Guitar Ensemble
Jazz Combos
Percussion Ensemble
Saxophone Ensembles
Viola da Gamba Consort
The Symphony Orchestra is one of CSB/SJU's largest and most recognized performing ensembles. With 70 - 80 students involved, an incredible array of majors are represented; both music majors and non-majors are invited to play. This ensemble performs four - five concerts each year and is a touring ensemble.

The Symphony Orchestra is under the direction of J. David Arnott.
The Symphonic Band is a non-auditioned concert band open to any and all wind and percussion players under the direction of Prof. Dan Rassier. Designed to accommodate students looking for a lighter rehearsal and performance schedule than the Wind Ensemble, the band rehearses just once a week and generally gives one concert a semester. It's a great opportunity for students to experience a variety of enjoyable music and have a great time playing their instruments!
The Wind Ensemble is the premiere wind band at CSB/SJU, comprised of about 40-50 select instrumentalists. Membership includes music majors and minors, as well as students from a wide variety of other disciplines who excel and enjoy performing on their instruments. The ensemble generally gives four or five concerts a year and tours regularly. The Wind Ensemble is directed by Prof. Justin T. Zanchuk.
The Jazz Ensemble is a big band comprised of about 18 select musicians under the direction of Dr. Bruce Thornton. Members include music majors and minors, and majors from many other fields who just love jazz and playing their instruments. The ensemble usually plays four concerts a year.
The Brass Choir is a large chamber ensemble specializing in brass ensemble performance. Consisting of 16-18 of the top brass players at CSB/SJU, the ensemble includes both music majors and non-music majors. They play a varied historical repertoire, from original contemporary works for brass, to light classics and hymn tunes, to Renaissance and Baroque transcriptions. In 2009, the group toured to the Bahamas, their first major tour outside of Minnesota. The Brass Choir rehearses once a week and performs at a variety of events on and off campus. Interested students should register for MUSC 242 for 0 or 1 credit. The Brass Choir is directed by Prof. Justin T. Zanchuk.
The Brass Quintet is a select brass chamber group performing original and transcribed works for five players. Consisting of two trumpets, a horn, a trombone or euphonium, and a tuba, the small group is a fantastic way for brass musicians to explore the nuances of chamber music. Permission of the instructor is required to participate. Interested students should register for MUSC 240 for 0 or 1 credit. The Brass Quintet is directed by Prof. Justin T. Zanchuk.
The Clarinet Ensemble is a select chamber group that performs original works and transcriptions for clarinet choir. The group ranges in size from semester to semester depending on interest and availability. Permission of the instructor is required to participate, and auditions run concurrently with auditions for the Wind Ensemble. Interested students should register for MUSC 237 for 0 or 1 credit. Dr. Bruce Thornton directs the Clarinet Ensemble.
The Chamber Orchestra is made up of about 20 select string players, many of whom also play in the CSB/SJU Symphony Orchestra. This ensemble performs the standard orchestra repertoire as well as exciting contemporary works. Performances include a formal concert each semester as well as an abundance of off-campus playing opportunities. The Chamber Orchestra has intensive weekly rehearsals. Interested students should register for MUSC 240, which can be taken for 0-1 credit. For more information contact Dr. David Arnott.
The Euphonium Quartet is one of the newest and most unique ensembles at CSB/SJU. Since not much original music is written for the combination of four euphoniums, the group plays many transcriptions of euphonium/tuba ensembles, as well as trombone music, and original student compositions and arrangements written specifically for the group. The combination of four euphoniums gives a distinct warm timbre, and the musicians in the ensemble enjoy exploring the possibilities of this new medium. Prof. Justin T. Zanchuk directs the Euphonium Quartet.
The Music Department places special emphasis on the development and performance of small ensemble practices and repertoire, making string chamber music at CSB/SJU particularly exciting and rewarding for both performers and audience members

CSB/SJU is home to 10 outstanding string ensembles - these include string quartets and quintets, a cello ensemble, a bass ensemble, a viola da gamba consort, and a piano quintet

The repertoire performed is expansive, ranging from early classical to modern works

Participating students enjoy working closely with faculty to develop the skills necessary for high quality chamber music performance - coaching sessions occur weekly, and often more frequently than that

String chamber music coaches include Dr. J. David Arnott, Dr. Lucia Magney, and Professor Mark Kausch

Many students take part in extra, independent rehearsals to further develop the skills they have learned from their coaches

Performances occur with formal Chamber Orchestra concerts, student recitals, weddings, church services, community events, community school outreach, and many other opportunities (the piano quintet recently recorded a CD)

Interested students should register for MUSC 240, which can be taken for 0-1 credit

For more information, contact Dr. David Arnott
The Guitar Ensemble is a select ensemble specializing in music for classical guitar quartet, as well as guitar ensembles of all sizes. The ensemble plays a wide variety of enjoyable music and generally gives two concerts a year under the direction of Dr. O. Nicholas Raths. Admision is by audition only. Interested students should register for MUSC 240F for 0 or 1 credit.
The Jazz Combos are small jazz groups where musicians get great experience playing in a small, intimate setting, communicating, and improvising. There are usually two combos of about 5-8 musicians each. The groups meet once a week and perform regularly on and off campus, both in formal concerts with the Jazz Ensemble, and in more laid-back settings including coffee shops, pubs, and street festivals. Auditions run concurrently with auditions for Jazz Ensemble. Interested students should register for MUSC 240G for 0 or 1 credit. Directed by Dr. Bruce Thornton.
The Percussion and Marimba Ensemble is renowned for their theatrical presentations of the unusual and unexpected. The ensemble, consisting of select percussionists, plays a variety of unique music, most of which is from 1930 to the present. Guest composers and performers frequently work with students, including such artists as NEXUS and Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble. The Percussion Ensemble has been a guest on the Walker Art Center's Young Arts Series. The group has also performed numerous live accompaniments to silent film and in 2003 premiered an original film as a visual accompaniment to Henry Cowell's Ostinato Pianissimo Permission of the instructor is required to participate in the ensemble, which rehearses Monday evenings from 4:30-6:00 PM. Interested students should register for MUSC 243 for 0 or 1 credit. Directed by Dr. Patti Cudd.
The Saxophone Ensemble is a select group of saxophonists dedicated to intensive study of saxophone chamber music under the direction of Dr. Richard Dirlam. The group varies in size depending on interest, often as a quartet or a trio. Permission of the instructor is required to participate. Interested students should register for MUSC 241 for 0 or 1 credit.
The CSB/SJU Viola da Gamba Consort, formed in 2011, is a small ensemble of treble, tenor, and bass viols. Participating students, enthusiastic about the preparation and performance of early music on period instruments, are involved in CSB/SJU string programs (orchestras and/or private lessons). This ensemble rehearses weekly in preparation for two concerts during the academic year (presented with Chamber Orchestra and String Chamber Ensemble performances). Interested students should contact Mark Kausch, instructor of double bass and viola da gamba.
Student Zone...
Thursday Recital
Student Handbook
weekly student performances

Students in lessons are required to attend/perform in these wonderful recital opportunities!

Majors and Minors are encouraged to attend recitals

Non-majors/minors are also welcome to perform and attend these recitals

Thursday Recital/Student Performance Series homepage is located here:
Drop-In-Peer Tutoring
The music department has tutors available for students taking Comprehensive Musicianship & Musicianship Skills

You are encouraged to take part in these wonderful (FREE!) tutoring opportunities if you are struggling!

The schedule can be found here:
Thursday Recital/Student Performance Series
What's happening in the department?
Our calendar of events is uploaded onto the CSB/SJU web page! If you are ever looking for something to do, feel free to check out the calendar!
Take some time to look
at the Music Department Handbook!
Contact the Department
Department Coordinator
Department Chair
Deb Guertin: 363-5796 (CSB Office)
363-3371 (SJU Office)
Brian Campbell: 363-5717 (CSB Office)
363-2509 (SJU Office)
Professors can be reached either by their email or their office phone number, which can be found on the department web page.
World Wide Web
CSB/SJU Website:

Sharepoint Website:

Be sure to "like" us on Facebook:
The Pep Band is a great way for students of all majors and interests to get involved in music, have a good time, and cheer on the Johnnies! The band plays for all home football games. Membership is casual, and there is no registration to join. Show up with an instrument and play along - show up without one and we'll give you a cowbell anyway. Contact Prof. Justin T. Zanchuk for more information.

Scholarship Compliance information can be found at:
Dr. Carolyn Finley: Voice/Opera/Special Studies
Dr. Marcie Hagen Givens: Voice
Dr. Susan Cogdill: Women's Choir
Prof. Andre Heywood: All-College Choirs
Dr. Patricia Kent: Voice
Prof. Tom Speckhard: Voice/ Opera
Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB: Gregorian Chant Schola
Dr. Axel Theimer: Chamber Choir/Men's Chorus/Choral Conducting Techniques/Special Studies
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